IRCTC Sets New Rule for Passenger luggage: Carrying Extra Luggage, Penalty would be levied

IRCTC Sets New Rule for Passenger luggage: Carrying Extra Luggage, Penalty would be levied

  • Passenger if they are carrying excess luggage, they would be charged penalty, hence passenger are advised to carry within the limits
  • if the passenger have extra luggage to carry, they would very well book the luggage, to avoid penalty, which is six times more than booking charges for luggage

On 29th May, the Ministry of Railways, has tweeted from its official Twitter handle that it has advised people not to travel having excess baggage during the journey. In a tweet, the Ministry, has roughly stated in Hindi, "if the luggage is more than the enjoyment of the journey will be half. Do not travel by train carrying more luggage. In case if you wish to carry excess baggage, then visit the parcel office and book the luggage".

Maximum baggage limit allowed in Trains

As per the new rules, a passenger travelling in a sleeper class can carry a luggage up to 40 kg without having to pay extra. Similarly, a passenger travelling in second-class is permitted to carry luggage weighing up to 35 kg. This limit can also be increased by up to 80 kg and 70 kg respectively by paying extra.

S.No Class Free Allowance Marginal allowance Maximun quantity allowed (including the free allowance
1 Ac first class 70 kg 15 kg 150 kg
2 AC 2-Tier sleeper/First class 50 kg 10 kg 100 kg
3 AC 3-tier sleeper/AC chair car 40 kg 10 kg 40 kg
4 Sleeper class 40 kg 10 kg 80 kg
5 second class 35 kg 10 kg 70 kg

Passenger need to pay extra for excess baggage

As per the reports, the passengers who are found travelling with more amount of luggage and the luggage is un-booked, they would require to pay six-times the baggage rate. For example, if a passenger is travelling around 500 km with excess baggage of 40 kg, the passenger can book it in luggage van by paying just Rs.109. However, if passenger is caught carrying excess luggage in the middle of the journey, he or she would end up paying a penalty of Rs. 654.

Size of the baggage

The size of your trunks, suitcases and boxes must be maximum 100 cms X 60 cms X25 cms in order to be allowed as personal luggage. However, if you are travelling in AC 3 tier and AC chair car compartments, then the maximum size of your suitcase/trunk must be 55cms x 45 cms x 22.5 cms.

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