Top Trending Videos Of The Week ( 7 November - 12 November )

Top Trending Videos Of The Week

Top Trending Videos Of The Week


Plenty of trending videos have surfaced, catching people's attention

Plenty of trending videos have surfaced, catching people's attention and keeping them captivated throughout the week.

A trending video emerged during a week witnessing a desi bride and her father dancing to the classic song 'Abhi Na Jao Chhod Kar' has gone viral on the internet and has spread quickly. They were convinced that the heartfelt video of the couple dancing would make you smile. Weddings, on the other hand, can trigger a wide range of emotions in various people. When they watch a woman leaving her family to start a new life, even the toughest individuals can cry. Since its release, the viral video has been seen over 80,000 times.

Watch The Trending Video Of A Bride Dancing Along With Her Father

Another trending video emerged was the latest Tweet from ANI features a popular video of barricades being erected in the Yamuna to prevent dangerous foam from floating towards the ghat. Men are seen scraping hazardous froth from the river's body in the viral footage.

Watch The Trending Video Witnessing Barricades Being Installed In The Yamuna To Prevent Harmful Foam From Floating

A popular video of a sweet little child kissing and playing with frogs is the nicest and most adorable item on the Internet today. Everyone has been astonished by the footage of this young child. As seen by this video, her love for these creatures is evident. The footage was uploaded on Lily's mother's Instagram account. Over 3 million people have watched the video. Frogs are frequently detested by young children, and it is not uncommon for them to refuse to play with or kiss them even in their wildest imaginations. They are known to avoid creepy crawlies and other insects, but this viral video depicts a completely opposite scenario. It demonstrates how the small girl can enjoy the frog without worry.

Watch The Trending Video Of A Small Girl Playing With Frog

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