The scariest foods in the world

The scariest foods in the world

There\'s people eating all kinds of stuff in the world today, so it\'s wrong to dismiss something as gross or weird just because it\'s not in line with our culture.

There's people eating all kinds of stuff in the world today, so it's wrong to dismiss something as gross or weird just because it's not in line with our culture. Apart from just the aesthetics however, there's a whole bunch of foodstuffs that can do some insane damage to our bodies, and I'm not even talking about anything exotic. From the innocuous looking potato to the staple fruit diet of Jamaicans, people are eating food that can paralyse, maim and kill them the world over.

Here are the most scary food items in the world!

Potatoes: Can cause coma and death

Certain potatoes, especially the ones with a tinge of green, contain glycoalkaloids. Even consuming a tiny amount of this can lead to severe diarrhoea, headaches, psychological problems and even coma and death. Don't tell the Russians though.

Ackee Fruit: Can cause coma and death

Ackee is the national food of Jamaica and is a staple diet of theirs. While it is rich in essential fatty acids, vitamin A, zinc, and protein, it also contains a toxin that can cause severe vomiting. Apart from that, it can also cause coma and death if eaten unripe. Also, avoid the black seeds.

Casu Marzu: Has live maggots and can cause severe vomiting

This is a traditional Sardinian dish made of sheep cheese and served at parties at a delicacy, despite it being illegal. It's been outlawed for the small fact that it contains live maggots, which are there from birth. It can cause severe vomiting, diarrhoea and cramps, and just sounds nasty in general.

Balut: Is made of incubated duck eggs

A balut is a developing duck embryo that is boiled and eaten in the shell. It might not be really bad for your system, but it sure is scary, mostly because you can clearly see a leathery little half formed bird inside. Mostly eaten in the Philippines.

Tuna: Can cause psychological problems

While it tastes great in subs and sandwiches, the mercury that tuna absorbs is a very present threat. Once eaten, the mercury should pass through your kidneys, but it can also travel into your brain and cause severe psychological problems. What a lame way to go insane!

Raw Honey: Can cause severe vomiting and headaches

Unpasteurized honey contains grayanotoxin. This stuff is so potent, it can cause excessive sweating, headaches and vomiting for more than a day straight. That's why they say 'honey straight from the jar', and not straight from the hive.

Nutmeg: Can cause psychosis and urine retention

Nutmeg has been proven to have serious psychoactive compounds, and not of the nice kind. Consuming more than the suggested amount can lead to a state of highly depressive and uncomfortable psychosis, can cause seizures, muscle spasms and a whole host of other nasty effects.

Sannakji: Live octopus dish that can lead to asphyxiation

A Korean dish made up of nakji, or live baby octopus in other words. It's cut up and served immediately, seasoned with sesame. However, the suction caps still retain their grip, and the legs can literally attempt to climb back up your throat, becoming a serious choking hazard.

The Silver-Stripe Blaasop Fish: Can cause paralysis and death

Eaten in several Mediterranean countries, this fish is pretty tasty, and inexpensive to boot. However, if you don't take out the liver and reproductive organs, the toxins present in it can cause paralysis, respiratory problems and even death.

Monkey Brains: Can give you mad cow disease

This isn't even a delicacy, it's practically urban legend. However, several people have admitted to eating it, and it is said to be available in China. Contrary to Indian folklore however, it can actually give you mad cow disease, which causes serious psychological problems, to say the least.

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