Atmakur (Kurnool): Chenchus of Nagulooti hamlet in the Nallamala forest are in a state of panic after being threatened by four unidentified miscreants on Wednesday. Giving the details to media persons here, the tribals said the miscreants who came to their hamlet, asked four village youths to accompany them to Veerabhadra Swamy temple in the forest. 

  • Four unidentified miscreants take Chenchu youth into forest and ask them about Naxal dump
  • When they refused to answer, the tribal youth were threatened with revolvers 
  • The denizens of Nagulooti hamlet are in grip of fear  
It is a quite common that devotees, who visit the temple, take the help of Chenchu tribesmen to reach the place in the forest. The quartet, who took the four tribal youths deep into the forest, asked them to show the Naxalite dump. Carrying a laptop, a handheld metal detector and some other electronic gadgets, the quartet scanned the entire area. 

The tribal youths who grew suspicious, questioned the quartet about their identity. They also sought to know whether the quartet got prior permission from the Forest department to enter the restricted area. Angered by the questions posed by the tribal youths, two of the quartet took out revolvers. Brandishing the revolvers, the quartet threatened to kill the tribal youths. 

Claiming themselves as police, the quartet threatened the tribals of dire consequences if they continue to extend help to Naxalites. Later, the quartet and the tribal youths returned to the hamlet as nothing was found at the place. After giving a stern warning to the tribals, the quartet left the hamlet. 

Following the incident, the panicked Chenchus are in a state of confusion whether the quartet were real police or Naxalites or treasure hunters in the guise of extremists. It was very intriguing that the quartet entered the deep forest despite the presence of the Forest department base camp at Nagulooti.
When contacted, Atmakur Circle Inspector Diwakar Reddy said the incident did not come to his notice. The CI also made it clear that he did not send any policemen from Atmakur circle into the Nallamala forest. “If the tribals lodge a formal complaint in this regard, we will investigate the matter,’’ the CI said.