Row over reinstallation of Sivalingam in tank
Row over reinstallation of Sivalingam in tank

Nellore: The issue of reinstalling Sivalingam in the historic Swarnala Tank has turned out to be a political controversy as the BJP demanding that the place should be developed as a religious site for Hindus by reconstructing Sivalingam.

They handed over a representation to the Assistant Director of the Endowments Department on Friday asking to consider century-long history of the tank and its significance where Sivalingam was arranged along with two Nandi statues during the regime of Kakatiya Ganapati Deva. 

“Sivalingam in Swarnala Tank is a historical monument and it has to be protected where the tank was dug by Ganapati Deva during Kakatiya rule in 13th century. There is no meaning that the Sivalingam was arranged recently in the tank as argued by some minority leaders,” said Mahesh Swamy of Lalitha Parameshwari Ashram.  

It may be recalled that the Nellore Urban Development Authority (NUDA) had earlier proposed to reconstruct the Sivalingam for attracting sightseers as part of Temple Tourism Circuit in city and minority leaders opposed the move and staged a protest demanding the government to withdraw the proposal. They erected flags in the banks of the tank and staged a protest.

They argued that the place has been allocated for popular Bara Shaheed Dargah and also for conducting famous Roti Festival for many decades. In fact, Municipal Administration Minister Narayana also suggested to leave the issue as feelings of Hindus should also be considered as the tank doesn’t belong to any community. 

But, due to pressure from the local minority leaders, the NUDA dropped the idea by saying it would disturb communal harmony among people in the city. “The Sivalingam is part of tank structure which was constructed around 500 years ago.

Nandi statue is also another wonder in the tank which indicates full level of the tank when it starts releasing water from its mouth. Now, it is in dilapidated condition. Nandi indicates the presence of holy Sivalingam and the entire system has to be renovated,” demanded Dayananda Swamy of Dattatreya Matham on behalf of Vishva Hindu Parishad (VHP).  

BJP leader Midathala Ramesh said that Irukalala Parameswari Temple has been existing since 3rd century as emperors of Maurya, Pallava, Chola, Kakatiya, Satavahana, Pandya, Telugu Chola, and Vijayanagara dynasties have renovated and developed the temple during their regimes, according to history.

He said the present structure has been developed during 11-12 centuries when observed scripts located in the temple premises. He said they were not disturbing communal harmony and some forces were playing religious politics in the city. 

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