Emerging Handicraft Market

Emerging Handicraft Market

Emerging Handicraft Market: With the world emerging into a global market and a lot of people wanting to get a deep human touch with what they buy

With the world emerging into a global market and a lot of people wanting to get a deep human touch with what they buy. It can be anything from jewelry to home décor or clothing. These handmade products not only are small emerging business but also an opportunity for people to come together and improve their small business and also showcase their talent not only to their customers but also the entire world. Handicraft market has always been there since the beginning of commercial marketing but since the development of technology and the outspread of social networking sites craftsmen has now found a new and more improvised platform to show their works to people out there who are deeply interested in purchasing these products. Not only do these products represent deep human touch within them but also show how people have improved and innovated global handicrafts and taken them to a whole new level.

With the given freedom to explore their crafts, people who make these handicrafts have left no stone unturned and have covered each and every aspect of everything you can find. From the simplest soaps to clothing, from jewelry to home décor they have not only covered it all but also greatly developed these things to a whole new level making and grace them with such elegance that some find it hard to believe that these are products made by human hands. People from all forms of professions have tried their hands on making handicrafts and selling them which only proves that it is now the most emerging and an ever green market available right now.

To shed more light on the growth of Handicraft market we have someone who has magic in her touch when it comes to crafting jewelry with anything she can get her hands on and make it look like the most elegant piece of craft you’ve ever seen. She is an M.Phil Graduate from Micro Biology but has a passion for jewelry making and has been gracing us with her work with not just perfection but also a touch of elegance that can make your heart go gaga, she goes by Nikhila Kadimisetty

1. What is it that made you so passionate about making handicraft jewelry?
Since childhood am so passionate about creating some new things on my own, so yeah that
desire grew up along with me.

2. How did it feel to make this are your profession, since you have done your M.Phil in micro Biology?
Yeah it’s a bit tough initially to choose between my educational career and passion but finally my heart and soul insisted me to go for my passion so finally i took that very tough decision to turn my passion as profession, without any beginners luck. yes i must sincerely agree that not even single moment I regretted for my choice as i love the work I do and I do what I love.

3. What is it that you mostly work with while making your jewelry piece?
Paper and beads I love to experiment with paper all the time as it’s the best medium that we can mould in to anything and we can test our limits to the best always. At the same time beading is very beautiful thing to accomplish the paper creations

4. Who are you target customers?
Anyone who wants it to be really special and customized. We love personalizing, rather than producing some bulk stuff, we concentrate on one person at a time.

5. Do you have a place where you can go and sell these products or send them from home?
I do have a Facebook page for display and sale as well i.e. www.facebook.com/eleganceu
and I also sell them through various market places like craftsvilla, snapdeal, paytm, etc. We even have offers from amazon.in, flipkart and myntra. Every now and then we do conduct exhibitions to bring awareness among people regarding our products

6. What has been the greatest encouragement for you to go forward with handicrafts?
first is my passion and love that grew with me for those as always handicrafts r quite unique and special and next is the awed expression people give after seeing them and knowing that they are purely handmade. That awed expression along with a tinge of fascinated feeling is the thing that always drives any artist to take further steps

7. Tell me more about this growing market trend of Handicrafts?
It’s quite evident that now day each and everyone wants to look special and unique and they are spending such huge money for that makeover in all means. When they buy a new merchandise they want to have a perfect matching accessories for the same although they know that the merchandise life is limited, so they r approaching various designers whom they r aware of and whom they can afford and getting the things personalized, even they are following the same trend even for their children.

By Amritha Lawrence

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