Father's Day Gifting Collection at Maspar
Father's Day Gifting Collection at Maspar

How special is it to be known by the name of your father?  This Father’s Day, take a step forward and let your father feel your love. So, celebrate fatherhood with the fine gifting collection by Maspar, specially designed to embrace that bond of love and affection.

Maspar- India’s soft home leading furnishing brand has come up with the amazing gifting collection for all honored Fathers out there on the occasion of Father’s day. The gifting collection comprises of the spot flow watch box, ribbed stackable box, and specially designed bathrobes.

Beautifully designed luxury Glass Top spot flow Watch box with firm-fleece covered pillows to hold the watch firmly bracelet tightened. The box has enough depth clearance that covers the largest watches without touching, giving the product a royal, classic and modern look.

The ribbed and vibrant Stackable boxes with convenient storage and high durability make this product truly a fit container for your related items.

Maspar has Bath robes as well. The lavish collection of bathrobes has come up with cotton satin and melange designs that are comfortable yet elegant.  This can be presented to both traditional and contemporary fathers giving them a super-soft comfort.


Spot Flow Watch Box - Rs. 1995
Watch Box- Rs. 1499
Bathrobes - Rs. 2999
Availability: www.maspar.com