Is there a difference between home and office furniture?

Is there a difference between home and office furniture?

This is a very popular question among interior designers, and the answer is YES Theres a huge difference between the furniture we use at home and the workspace furniture

This is a very popular question among interior designers, and the answer is YES! There's a huge difference between the furniture we use at home and the workspace furniture. There's a difference in the decor and the layouts at home furniture and office furniture. A lot of people simply presume that furniture is furniture and that there is nothing like commercial and residential furniture. A desk remains a desk whether you keep it in the office or at your home. However, there are some critical differences between the office furniture and home furniture that you should keep in mind while shopping for any of those.

Let's first see what points to keep in mind while buying home furniture:

1) Style: The style of your residential furniture must go with the environment of your home. For example, you should go with elegant beige furniture if you have a mid-century theme home. You can opt for wooden furniture in case of ethnic home decor. Similarly, you can choose boho chic furniture style if the theme of your home says boho.

2) Quality: Since we are talking about residential furniture, the quality should be simply supreme. Your home decor says a lot about the type of person you are so don't hesitate to spend some extra bucks if it gives you a good image amongst people that visit your home. Also, good quality means longer durability, and that is something you definitely want in home furniture.

3) Choice of colour: Usually in the case of residential furniture, you have the advantage of experimenting with various colours as per the occasion or your mood. You can opt for bright red and pink colour in parties and soothing colours like beige in summers and spring. You have the independence to mix and match the furniture and cushion colours as per your convenience and need.

Now let us see what we keep in mind while buying office furniture.

When you are looking at office furniture, it is implied for office that is thought to be in vague and tense that is entirely unexpected from the home furniture that we pick moderating solaces and delight of family. The office furniture, on the other hand, is required to look effervescent, proficiently agreeable to the needs of employees and clients. With regards to the selection of the office furniture, you must consider your image and work process to give that flawless yet expert look to your office. This is proved to help employees in being exceedingly productive in their workplace.

In an office environment, you have to keep in consideration every individual that would be using that furniture. This could be women, people with different heights and weights and even people with certain disabilities. When you buy home furniture, you buy it for yourself and your home, and you have the idea of the extent to which it will be brought to use. Whereas in the case of office furniture, it does not enjoy the same course of life as home furniture. Depending on the number of people incoming in your office every day, the furniture may be exposed to a lot more use as compared to home furniture. Awaiting chair at the reception may have someone or other on it all through the day, and thus the strength and durability of furniture is a must ‘keep in mind’ point when shopping. Also, since office furniture is exposed to a wide range of people, the fabric preferred is usually staining and tear resistant. A fabric that can be easily cleaned is always the first choice.

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