Kareena: Bebo to Begum

Kareena: Bebo to Begum

Actress Kareena Kapoor: Bebo to Begum. I have known Kareena Kapoor since she was in school and accompanied older sister Karisma Kapoor for shooting and photo sessions.

I have known Kareena Kapoor since she was in school and accompanied older sister Karisma Kapoor for shooting and photo sessions. Fair with shinning eyes, she would tell Karisma, let me grow up and I’ll take away all your heroes. The prophecy came true. While Karisma got married and went on to have babies Kareena, on the rise, was working with all the co-stars of her sister. Looking back, Kareena has had good innings, box-office hits, A grade banners, top brands to endorse, all the Khans as co-stars and all the great roles waiting for her.

Actress Kareena Kapoor: Bebo to Begum

She has changed camps, banners, boyfriends and never lied about them. She is both focussed and patient. When she felt she was overweight, she single mindedly strived to change her body type and when she fell madly in love to want to marry, she waited for her beloved to clear the past and tied the knot.

Today, Kareena has had the best of all the worlds and will say yes to a role only if she is really excited about it or else she is happy with her brands and her home with her Nawab, Saif Ali Khan. Of late I have been bumping into her often, at a fashion show and then at the book release of her trainer Rujuta Diwekar. The venue is Taj Lands End and Kareena strolls in, flashing her kohl eyes. Dressed casually and mane tied in a knot on top of her hair; she is cheerful. Her trainer on the other hand is dressed in a net sari and backless blouse and Kareena jokes that it is evident that who the star for the day is.

She is flying in the evening to Mauritius, to give a surprise to her husband who is shooting for Sajid Khan’s ‘Humshakal’ with Genila D’souza who is visiting Ritesh Deshmukh who is shooting for the same film. The excitement reflects in her eyes. To not waste any further time I start with what is on top of my mind.

Where did you celebrate Holi this year since Saif was not in Bombay?

I don’t like to celebrate Holi and nor does Saif so even if he was here, maybe we would just be at home enjoying a holiday together.

Time was when RK Studio held a great Holi party attended by the entire film fraternity.

Yeah, I was a little girl but I have vivid memories. There was a tub filled with colour and all the guests were dumped into it. Then when grand pa died, the Holi bashes stopped, it was almost as if the colour festival stopped having a meaning.

Are you concerned about the court case involving Saif coming up again in the news?

No, because it all appears exaggerated in print but truth is that he has apologized and it has been sorted out.

You were once again the show stopper at a fashion show, do you enjoy dressing up?

Not dressing up but I like walking the ramp. It is challenging just like a new role or a new commercial. An actor has to do new things all the time to reinvent oneself. I get excited by a new character, a new film even now. That is the fun about show business. It is never predictable.

This is the second time you are releasing your trainer Rujuta’s book.

Yes, and I see a lot of familiar faces in the room comprising Rujuta’s friends and family. I have read ‘Don’t Lose Out, Work Out!’ and I rate it as the most readable out of all her three books. Rujuta has never encouraged dieting, on the contrary she says eat everything but eat sensibly and exercise sensibly. The book breaks many myths about food and workout. Saif has read the book and swears by it. Infact now Saif and I are completely hooked on to Rujuta.

But there has been a time when you were on a diet of just idlis – remember?

Yes, I was eating them morning noon and night, then I turned vegetarian and now exercise and sensible eating is no more traumatic for me, on the contrary it is a way of life.

Can you imagine a life without films or rather a life without acting?

No, I cannot, I will always be connected to films in some capacity or the other. I cannot accept that a day will come when I will stop being in front of the camera. I’d rather not think about it. The number of assignments may reduce out of choice but the passion will never fade. I will always be there and I will ensure that I make an impact.

Last, do you like being called Begum?

If my husband is a Nawab then I have to be a Begum but let me tell you that he fell in love and married Bebo and loves both.

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