The Hindi flick Mumbhai connection released in theatres on Friday. Before we tell you the reasons to watch or not watch the movie, let's take a look at the production crew.

Directed by     Atlanta Nagendra

Produced by     Abbas Moloo, Nawal Parwal, Sathya Narayanan Rafiq Batcha and Amber Sharma

Screenplay by     Atlanta Nagendra

Starring     Rafiq Batcha, Srinivas, Dick Mays, Alieesa P. Badresia

Production  company Mowgli Productions Pvt Ltd, Rafiq Media Productions, De Arte Studios

Distributed by     Mowgli Productions Pvt Ltd


About the movie 


An Indian salesman, Faisal, joins an Atlanta IT company only to learn that it is run by the Mumbai mafia. Worse, he is forced to sell IT services to the Atlanta mafia. Even worse, they are not buying! Now Faisal's life is on the line and the only way he can get out alive is by going boldly where no salesman has gone before.


Check out the movie trailer to get a peek into the story

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