Abhishek Bachchan prankster on HNY sets: Vivaan Shah

Abhishek Bachchan prankster on HNY sets: Vivaan Shah

Vivaan Shah,son of Naseeruddin Shah, seems to be very happy as he plays one of the important characters-that of a hacker in the film Happy New Year. He has also been signed up as the brand ambassador of Lenovo.

Vivaan Shah,son of Naseeruddin Shah, seems to be very happy as he plays one of the important characters-that of a hacker in the film Happy New Year. He has also been signed up as the brand ambassador of Lenovo.
In a quick exclusive chit-chat with The Hans India, Vivaan answers a few queries on the much hyped film HNY, traits inherited from dad and mom, and technical knowhow…
Elaborate on your character in Happy New Year?
My character is quite important. I play a computer hacker who plays a very significant part in the hiest that takes place. My character is not very cool…there's a line in the film, "Uske Facebook main 600 friends hain …but real life mein ek bhi nahi hai.” So this character does a lots of masti with his Lenova. In the introduction scene a funny thing comes up with the Lenova…However, I would not like to disclose the scene and spoil it for you.
Every character in the film is linked to the heist-each one has a signature trademark. Shah Rukh sir is the master mind, Abhishekh is the wild card.
Boman is the safe crasher, Sonu is the explosion expert. And I am the technical vision. I am very cool in character. My character’s dilemma is such that he thinks he is cool. In true terms he is not so actually.
What is your signature tool?
In the poster Sonu has dynamite in his hand; Boman sir has a magic finger. Really my sort of weapon in the film is the Lenovo. It is like my signature tool.
Have you tried hacking computer in real?
I do not know much about operating a computer. In order to try hacking you got to know a lot. It is quite difficult for me (laughs).
So you have tried?
Oh No! I have never tried…yes I am very sure about it. Today a funny thing happened…I had to read a script in which I had to say: “I have had to hack the Facebook of all our Happy New Year team. And I could read their messages…and what not? Actually, in the end it turned out to be all fake accounts. Those people were ten times better than my character being the hacker that I play in the film.
What is your real ambition?
-Inshallah...I want to make my family proud. And I want to make everybody proud. Also I would like to do the best that I can.
Tell us something on being ninety’s gadget freak kid?
Way back in the nineties when gadgets had come up I did play/operate them. Then the operations were very simpler and the games implied to were also easy to play.
I preferred at that age to play on PCs and computers. But now, with manifold operations and many ways out it is very difficult to operate most of the gadgets. However, it is a very good thing that we are technically more advanced. I am a ninety’s kid so I am stuck in those gadgets.

Why did you choose to be the brand ambassador of Lenovo?
It’s the opportunity of a life time it’s been very special for me. This has helped me so much as an actor. It has taught me so much about life and work. It has been profound experience, the whole journey of HNY has really taught me a lot. It is not possible for me to put it in words though! I bought a tablet. Although I am the brand ambassador, I did not get it for free.
In the film I used it as if to say that I am a computer genius. The interface is user friendly and another interesting aspect is the touch screen aspect takes it to another level. You can carry it in your pocket.
Elaborate on your inheritance Qualities’ from-father/Mother
I have inherited many qualities from both. Definitely as everybody feels-my hair is like my mother. My Chehra [face] is like my dad. I have inherited most of the traits from my dad.
Which gadget are you Tech savvy with?
I use an iphone. And my favorite is an illegal Abs which has been banned. It was called spoof’s caller. For example if I type Farah’s number…it will say Abhishek as it will type Abhishek’s number. It is actually a prank call to anyone from anyone’s phone.
It is the craziest Apps thing and i.e. I did quite a few spoofs call…I must confess this.
From whose phone would you like to make a spoof call to?
I would like to make a spoof call from Abhishekh’s phone to Farah..Because it has always been the other way round…Abhishek always jokes taking Farah’s name. If spoof caller comes in the market this is the first thing I would like to buy…give a prank call to Farah from Abhishek’s phone.
What would you like to carry as pass time stuff during travel?
While I travel I love to carry an iPod, Phone, laptop, Mac apart from that one piece of techs which at time make me feel as though it is like the Alien computer..I am a big gamer, I love playing games. I would purchase Alien vise computer.
At one time Mac was really booming it is an interesting alternative…Lenovo is the same.
What are your favorite games?
My favourite game is counter striker, as I have grown up playing counter striker. This is an important game which I would love to buy provided it's back. Other ground level games I played was-cricket, tennis I used to be boxer.
Last but not the least he says: My HNY journey has not only been an interesting one. But I have learned a lot. Working with Shahrukh sir, Abhishek ,Farah and others it was indeed a joyful as well as professional learning for me.
All this learning will help be to make a name for myself in Bollywood.
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