Typical Tollywood offer

Typical Tollywood offer

The main stay of the film is the fact that everything is so exaggerated that it could well be perceived as a spoof and so the quota of fun without any logic.

The main stay of the film is the fact that everything is so exaggerated that it could well be perceived as a spoof and so the quota of fun without any logic. The tale is brief and the filmmaker decides to call it quits when he is tired of the tricks displayed. The film does not care too much for a linear narrative style and reverts to the familiar idea of going back and forth at will. The memory recalls happen conveniently to keep the audience guessing and sometimes even a little interested. The creativity ends with the title of the film.

The film starts on a predictable political note with two leaders Prabhakar (Prakash Raj) and Ganga Prasad (Sayaji Shinde) hopping for the coveted post of the local CM. An investigative media person Shafi (Shafi), however, exposes the corrupt activities of Ganga Prasad and invites his ire. Ganga Prasad lets loose his hit man Maisamma (Jagapathi Babu) to avenge the exposure and Shafi is removed from the scene. The local inspector (Ahuti Prasad) is also given the task of eliminating some others which is conveyed through exchange of photographs between the dubious police officer and even more dubious paid assassin.


Seenu (Sai Dharam Tej) falls in love the moment he sees Sailaja (Regina Cassandra) and makes his entry into the script. Seenu now plans to enter Maisamma’s camp and works his way through with the assistance of Yadanna (Raghu Babu). He walks up to the killer with a strange request to kill him. When the killer wonders why, Seenu decides to tell him an edited story of his life. He picks up from the road crossing where he first sighted and fell in love with college mate Sailaja and how his tricks backfired.

With most of the stars identified, you would now expect the story to move on. It does, however, go through the motions of disjointed humour including veterans like Chandra Mohan and Hema making one minute appearances to justify their name in the credit titles. The guy is busy laying bare his multifaceted persona and failing to impress the prime target. By half time he has finished his narration and has sufficiently angered and shocked his scripted audience particularly Maisamma.

The Tom and Jerry battle begins immediately after the break and what was hitherto a breezy light-hearted romance story now turns to the pastures of blood, vendetta, intrigue and thrills. The forgotten villains are revisited and those hitherto respected are also tainted and with some humour involving Raghu Babu and his screen wife Satya Krishnan, we journey to a quick and crisp climax.

The film does not take itself too seriously and that is perhaps its USP. Sai Dharam, still raw, is passable and should not hurt till he becomes larger than life. Raghu Babu gets an extended look from the script writer and he justifies the confidence. The rest of the cast is wasted. Regina must get over the Ileana hangover. She has the looks to make a place for herself. After all it is for people like her that the expression is used: Pilla Nuvvu Leni Jeevitham.

  • Tittle : Pilla Nuvvu Leni Jeevitham
  • Cast :Sai Dharam Tej, Regina and Jagapathi Babu
  • Direction :AS Ravi Kumar Chowdary
  • Genre :Action- drama
  • Rating :**1/2
  • Like :Humour
  • Unlike :Very filmi
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