Dr Rajasekhar signs a big ticket film?
Dr Rajasekhar signs a big ticket film?

After making a comeback of sorts with 'PSV Garuda Vega,' seasoned star Dr Rajasekhar has reportedly signed his next big ticket entertainer. Businessman-turned-producer Piduguralla Nani, who made a small film with actor Srikanth some time ago, is now determined to make an  action adventure and has signed the 'Ankusam' star for a multi-crore extravaganza.

"Discussions are going on with a couple of producers but nothing is fixed yet," says a source close to the actor. Nevertheless, an industry source claims that Rajasekhar was impressed with the "exciting storyline’’ narrated by a young director and has agreed to do the film ‘'in-principle." for producer Nani. 

"The role will live up to his larger-than-life image with loads of action sequences and romance and it will be a lavish entertainer and the other cast and crew will be fixed soon," the source adds. It is true that after the success of 'PSV Garuda Vega...' last year, Rajasekhar was flooded with offers but he wanted to pick a 'powerful script' than just doing another film to sustain his new-found success. 

‘‘Script with novelty is the key for success these days than just a big banner or director's name," concludes the source. The 50-plus actor is in no mood to take chances since he went through a lean trot with duds like 'Gaddam Gang'. 

Actually, Rajasekhar delivered many hits like 'Simharasi,' 'Ma Ayina Bangaram,',  'Sivayya' and 'Anna' that revolved around strong content. On his comeback, he seems to have resolved to drive on 'script-driven' path and give his peers a run for their money. A good move indeed!