Why free advices to women?

Why free advices to women?

Why Free Advices to Women? Whenever there\'s a crime against women happens, all and sundry starts giving free advices.

Why Free Advices to Women? Whenever there's a crime against women happens, all and sundry starts giving free advices. They say women should be dressed conservatively, shouldn't provoke others by wearing skimpy outfits (read jeans, skirts) and even avoid looking at others.

Some even try to defend criminals that they got provoked and even in love failures which lead to acid attacks, many blame women giving idiotic advices. But they will never advice the same to criminals or their parents. Parents of criminals too support their kids and blame women. Even parents of women, when any atrocities happen blame women for provocative dressing.
In all these developments they conveniently forget the fact that there is something seriously wrong with their way of thinking, society upbringing and parental upbringing. Let us consider their point that women dress provocatively and this results in crimes against them. Then how could they explain sexual assaults and molestation of small kids of 1 month to 6 years old. What provocation did the attackers see in them? All those who advice women should hang their heads in shame.
Popular comment 'Boys are Boys they do mistakes' is going on from the old days of Ramayana and Mahabharata. They find fault not with Ravana or Duryodhana but only with Seetha and Draupadi. They say Seetha shouldn't have crossed Lakshman Rekha, forgetting the fact that she came out with good intention of providing alms to a sadhu. They even say Draupadi shouldn't have laughed at Duryodhana while the fact is she was stopping others from doing so. It is the male ego that is hiding all the facts.
No religious scripture promotes women oppression and suppression of any kind. Recently, Star Plus aired Mahabharata where Lord Krishna mouthed thought provoking dialogues. He says wherever women are not respected and atrocities continues unabashed, Mahabharata happens. Women don't need any advices and people who give advices better change themselves and stop having the mentality of keeping their women safe while they can tease other women. Every male should be taught that before he looks down upon women as a tool, he came into the world from a woman's womb.
By Pramod Nandivada
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