Harness the strategic advantage

Harness the strategic advantage

The surgical strikes in Pakistan and the domestic and international response to it clearly indicate India’s strategic advantage.

The surgical strikes in Pakistan and the domestic and international response to it clearly indicate India’s strategic advantage.

Never before in the past, has the government’s foreign or security policy move received such a unanimous domestic political support.

Even in the worst situation like the Mumbai terrorist attacks, the nation witnessed an ugly spectacle of political bickering and blame game.

But, annoyed by the repeated terrorist attacks, the domestic public opinion was heavily favouring some sort of concrete action rather than indulging in empty rhetoric. The political parties were simply responding and reflecting the mood of the nation.

India has been running an untiring diplomatic offensive to expose Pakistan. However, the world failed to acknowledge the pain suffered by India all these years. But, quite significantly, Pakistan is never as isolated as it stands now both in the region and the world alike.

The major powers like United States and Russia positively reacted to Indian concerns. Even the close military ally of Pakistan like China was cautious in its response. The South Asian neighbours are solidly behind India in this hour of crisis and commotion.

The SAARC member states like Afghanistan, Bangladesh are also the victims of cross border terror that emanates from Pakistan. The world has no doubt today that the militarised State despite its mask of democracy is the safe haven for terrorism and the breeding ground for religious extremism.

Several parts of the world are experiencing the looming threat of Islamic fundamentalism. Perhaps this setting compelled the big powers to see the reality as it exists rather than from their own strategic prism.

India’s high degree of strategic maturity and military precision also helped it to consummately accomplish both the military and diplomatic tasks.

Pakistan is literally groping in the rubble as far as evolving a coherent response to India’s surgical strikes. However, Pakistan will leave no stone unturned to internationalise the Kashmir issue calling India’s strikes as military incursions violating its sovereignty.

But, such attempts of Islamabad are most likely to receive adverse response from the world powers given the strategic climate and the imminent threat of terrorism and Islamic fundamentalism.

India should harness the strategic advantage it could muster to further expose and isolate Pakistan. The precious opportunity should not be squandered away by jingoistic rhetoric or ultra nationalistic fervour.

Forces of bigotry will always be ready to capitalise on the situation. On the security front, it has to continuously maintain utmost vigil as any impulsive reaction from across the border cannot be ruled out.

The Pakistani establishment is under intense pressure to act rather than introspect. Unlike its Indian counterpart, the Pakistani government is not autonomous. The military runs the government by proxy.

The security establishment has a decisive say in matters of security policy. Even the jihadi elements influence public policy in Pakistan. Thus, Pakistan’s reaction is highly unpredictable.

However, India should continue with its policy of peaceful assertion and non-aggression.

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