More trouble at EFLU

More trouble at EFLU

More trouble at EFLU. A faculty at English and Foreign Language University (EFLU) allegedly assaulted student union president at the campus on Tuesday.

Students allege assault on union president

Demand suspension of Professor
Received complaints from faculty and students: VC
Students threatened Professor, say sources
Hyderabad: A faculty at English and Foreign Language University (EFLU) allegedly assaulted student union president at the campus on Tuesday. Students’ union alleged that Prof. M Udaya slapped president Shgun Chaturvedi thrice.
Trouble started when Prof. Udaya caught Priya Sahoo, a student of MA English, reportedly copying from her mobile phone during the final semester examination on Tuesday. Students allege that the professor instead of handing over the phone to the controller of the examination, carried the phone to her home.
“Two people were caught during the exam. While one student’s phone was returned after he apologised, the same did not happen in Priya’s case,” alleged English and Foreign Language University Students Union (EFLUSU).
“Priya approached me along with her husband. A few students and I went to the professor’s home to collect mobile on Tuesday night. She spoke arrogantly and made personal comments on Priya. When Priya retaliated to the professor’s comment, she got furious, threw the mobile and told us to get lost,” says, Shgun Chaturvedi, students’ union president.
“I did not utter a word during the conversation, but suddenly professor slapped me furiously thrice,” he adds.
In a written complaint to the University’s Vice-Chancellor, Proctor and Disability Cell, the students union said “Chaturvedi was humiliated and manhandled by Prof. M Udaya at her residence when they went to request her to return the mobile of Priya that the Prof. confiscated earlier on the during an examination. This incident is clear violation of rules, regulations laid down by the Constitution of India and Human Rights as well.”
“No one has the right to assault Chaturvedi, considering the fact he is bonafide student of the university, holds the post of president of EFLUSU and is differently abled,” it added.
“We demand that the professor suspension for six months,” said Ebil Joseph Schiller, general secretary, EFLUSU.
According to well placed sources, Prof. Udaya intended to hand over the mobile phone to the authorities the on Wednesday morning as control of examinations did not take it seriously. Priya Sahoo along with her husband, Rupesh, (who is not concerned with the university) and four goons from outside, who entered the campus of the university illegally with the provocation of Shgun went to the teacher’s quarters at 7:30 pm on Tuesday. The sources also added that the group was carrying acid bottles and threatened her with dire consequences if she did not give the mobile and pass her in the exam. They forcibly snatched the ceased mobile phone from her hands to destroy the evidence by man-handling and left the place.
“We have received complaints from the faculty and students as well. We are enquiring into the issue,” Prof. Suniana Singh, Vice-Chancellor.
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