Let your creative juices spill

Let your creative juices spill

Let Your Creative Juices Spill. Writing needs discipline. Writing starts from reading. Reading is an integral part when you wish to choose a career in writing. One can choose different genres while reading or writing.

Writing needs discipline. Writing starts from reading. Reading is an integral part when you wish to choose a career in writing. One can choose different genres while reading or writing. For example, it can be science fiction, romantic fiction, non fiction, humour, drama, historical fiction or thriller etc. Lot of students in my class ask me a question which comes across as a fun element. The question is very simple. That is “When will I get published?” Okay, let me ask you few questions if you want to answer me yours. “Are you ready yet?” How long have you been writing? Are you maintaining a discipline? Does your writing get criticism from the readers? If your answer is No, then my answer to you is also plain no. Point blank. The thing is one has to put in lot of efforts in order to reach there.

Publishing can be your destination but try to enjoy the journey of writing. Writing job is hilarious. The words play a never ending song in your head and you want to get it out of your system and catch those bits and pieces to tie it in a string. Creative writing is a booming career and establishing profession in today’s age. One should imagine and visualise the thoughts in order to create a story or a plot. That further leads to creative writing. Creativity exists in the sphere of science and technology, music, art, poetry and gardening etc. Scientists from the historical era had that creative spark in order to explore, invent and to innovate new things and bring in phenomenal change to mankind. If they did not have this creative bent in them, we would not have got such beautiful inventions and discoveries which we boast of. Creative writing is purely imagining things. There is a saying “Don’t build castles in the air”. But that is precisely what is required to write beautiful tales and make it more interesting.

5 Easy steps to bring in that creative spark in your writing.

1. Be Inspired but create your own style

Every person has his or her favourite authors. You are very impressed by their style of telling tales. You want to write like them, isn’t it? For example, the artist tries out the works of art of his master and draws or brings out the image in his canvas. He gets inspired by his master’s work at first but in the end, he succeeds in getting himself his individual style. Likewise, in writing too, it is very much applicable. Writers encourage themselves to write like their favourite authors or poet and bring in those emotions and qualities to the story which that author or poet had created in the first place. Finally they graduate to the next level by defining their own model or format of writing. This is how a writer gets his own style and sets an example to budding/aspiring writers.

2. Imagine and Improve

The prime objective is to develop a plot. For that one needs to imagine. Just bring in a scheme of thoughts together. Idea is what one needs to imagine. For example, you may imagine about the children playing in the garden or a family is taking a vacation to the hill station. Next is to develop the idea. You may talk about how the children were dressed. Were they happy or sad? Did they fight with each other? Did they get injured while playing? In the case of family plot, you may express the emotions and feelings of the family. If this was the much awaited vacation, then how those members felt? What happens when they visit the destination? Do they face some uncanny incident? Do they indulge in shopping and make new friends? You can bring in some thrill by mentioning one of your tour friends as a murderer. This is how you augment the concept by adding necessary changes.

3. Make it simple

You don’t have to use difficult words or high class vocabulary to make your writing visible to the readers. You could make use of simple words which would convey a message with clarity. Definitely, difficult words would be eye catchy but it would leave the readers disinterested in your work. You should understand that everyone are not Shakespeare or have landed straight from US president’s office to understand your language. Try to use the hard words at bare minimum. Though Shakespeare’s works are highly spoken of and commendable, not many readers comprehend his language. Hence, a simple story with simple words could be made creative too.

4. Write and Rewrite

Remember, first draft is not the final one. A writer crushes the paper in which he wrote his drafts many times. Only then he gets a hold on his plot and makes a final one. So go on rewriting as many times you want till you get satisfied. Till you get an effective piece out of you, you should try and rewrite. For example, dancer has to carry out many rehearsals before performing for a grand finale. Similarly, writing needs lot of practice till it gets more refined.

5. One day at a time

We know that any work you take needs dedication and devotion. Multi tasking may not help you much in this. So take one plot at a time. Work on it inch by inch. Write your thoughts on paper. An outline of the story should be addressed properly. Try writing every day and make your story move ahead. The idea is to reach the end but that should not be your only objective. You should tread slowly by giving proper emotions to the characters, meaning to the story, developing the concepts with proper grammar and sentences and etc. Take each day as a fresh day and allot some work for each day and write on it. “Keep the end in mind but work one day at a time. “

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