Social media - a boon or a bane?

Social media - a boon or a bane?

The first question that comes in everybody’s mind regarding social media today is whether it is a boon or a bane? Is it a blessing or a curse…a...

The first question that comes in everybody’s mind regarding social media today is whether it is a boon or a bane? Is it a blessing or a curse…a question that has been a topic of debate across the globe.

Social media since its inception has always been serving its purpose of communication and interaction. It is because of social media that we communicate and interact today with people miles away from us. The internet and the social networking sites not only help us communicate with one another but they also provide us with all the necessary information concerning all kinds of topics. As we all know, facebook, orkut, twitter, etc., are the biggest source of entertainment today and google, the biggest source of infotainment. Social media is also a great tool for business professionals. But as everything has its pros and cons even social media has its own set of advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages being, it is a rich source of communication, interaction, entertainment and the list can go on. But the disadvantages of social media are a major issue to ponder on today. The main purpose of social media is being demoralised. Entertainment and infotainment providing social media has become something of the past. It is used more in the wrong way and for the wrong reasons. Cyber bullying takes the first place here. Today google is being used to get information of all kinds and there is no control whatsoever. It is thus exploiting young minds and taking away their innocence. The social networking sites have taken away kids from their school books and are diverting them in every possible way. Kids today are more bothered about the number of likes and comments on their profile pictures instead of worrying about the numbers on their report cards. The profile pictures of young girls have also been misused and there is a regular increase in cyber crimes such as identity theft. Once you are a victim of identity theft, then there is nothing you can do to better it.

Social media is a blessing in many ways. It is one of the foremost evidence representing the progression of technology. It is also responsible behind human development in every sphere of life. Unfortunately, social media is also a curse. It has changed the traditional way of life from good to better and from better to worse. Social media, which should potentially just be a part of human life, has become the most prominent aspect around which everyone’s lives revolve. Relationships are being affected both emotionally and psychologically. Youth are getting more attached to networking sites and less to their families. Teens are completed ensnared by the momentary bliss social media gives them and are carried away to such an extent that they have forgotten the eternal truth and facts of life. This has lead to the miserable situation they are in today.

For a better tomorrow and a brighter future for the youth of today, social media should be restricted to only serving its major purpose and not allowing it to interfere in every aspect of one’s life. It should remain as a source of entertainment and infotainment and one should not misuse the benefits that follow it nor get completely addicted to it. Social media will then be called a boon in total and wouldn’t be referred to as a bane any more.

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