Grab that internship!

Grab that internship!

Research scientists in the genetic field primarily investigate, identify and manipulate particular genes in plants, animals and human tissues to see...

I am a student of class 12th and want to become a scientist; I’m interested in genetic research. What are the career options and list of various courses to become a scientist?

Research scientists in the genetic field primarily investigate, identify and manipulate particular genes in plants, animals and human tissues to see how genetic characteristics are passed on from one generation to the next. The results of their research have helped them in finding out cure for many diseases, better means to agricultural produce, and solutions with environmental problems.

A career in genetic research requires a PhD. Therefore, you will first have to complete your graduation in genetics or any related field such as biology or chemistry, and then pursue a post graduation in genetics and then a PhD. You need to have a deep probing quality, ability to work long hours, an ability to pay attention to minute details, experimental skills, a progressive outlook and of course a deep passion and curiosity for the genetic basis of health and disease. As with all careers, perseverance and patience are needed to succeed in this career too.

Genetic scientists are hired by

  • Research laboratories, to understand gene behavior, gene duplication, physical characteristics and diseases.
  • Clinics and hospitals to guide and treat patients with hereditary diseases and disorders.
  • Pharmaceutical industry and suppliers to create new medicines.
  • Agricultural companies to develop disease resistant crops and livestock, Genetic modification of foods and seeds and development of biopesticides and nutraceutical.
  • Law enforcement agencies to provide forensic analysis.

Excellent employment prospects are expected due to the bio-revolution. Employment in research and development institutions are abundant due to the bio revolution. National science and research organizations are allocating funds for research in this sector.

The remuneration depends on the highest degree that you would be holding and the position that you would take up. However, as the gene therapy is the new mantra in the modern world, and is creating lot of curiosity, the financial players are ready to invest money in productive research.

Some of the recruiting companies are:

  • Apollo Hospital
  • DNA Labs India
  • Genetic Testing Labs
  • Indian Council of Medical Research

There are a wide variety of job opportunities and career growth in this upcoming field, both in India and globally, so go ahead and plunge into all opportunities to grab them by following your passion for this field. All the best!

I am pursuing mass communication in one of the city’s reputed institutes. We are supposed to do an internship and I want to know how to choose the best organisation. Should I go for an internship. Is it beneficial?

Ragini, Narne Estate

Internships help one to get an insight into the real world. The field exposure and the subject knowledge you gain during an internship gives you extra credentials. It will also help you secure a job after your graduation as employers are more concerned with your work experience apart from your qualification. It will play a vital part of your resume and set you apart from the others. Most of the times, if the employers see you as their prospective employee; they may even hire you later on as full time employee.

If you have any doubts regarding your career, internship will help you decide whether it is the right career for you. Furthermore it will help you grow your network with people in your field and facilitate in gathering valuable contacts. References from these organizations will definitely add weight to your application too. Internship will certainly help you become more organized; self motivated, focused, and evaluate and re evaluate your career goals.

There are certain important things you should know before you plunge into internship. Perform a SWOT analysis of yourself and choose a program that very well suits your skills. Research about the company, the department you would be placed in, and also the industry that the company operates in. This will aid in understanding the instructions and information given to you in the initial days of your internship. An informed choice always takes you halfway to the place you want.

See that the role you are hired for is meaningful and helps you attain the necessary skills and knowledge about the industry that you plan to work in. Make sure you’re aware of what the company expects from you and accordingly set some goals and targets, review it constantly and make a note of your achievements.

Check whether the company offers to collect feedback and evaluate its interns, as this would help you get a clear direction for making necessary improvements in your performance. Internships during graduation is a great opportunity to get an understanding of the job role and is also useful in gauging your skills. It should definitely help you make a positive impression on your potential future employer.

By:Shehre Banu Kagalwala

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