How to develop career in positive way

How to develop career in positive way

Right from the ages that resulted human civilisation has undergone various changes according to the career chosen by individuals in the society that...

Right from the ages that resulted human civilisation has undergone various changes according to the career chosen by individuals in the society that effected modernization from time to time. Today the life style modification changed due to advance of technology and its impact on the people is very immense that forced simultaneously to undergo various disadvantages in the jobs or professions with compromising negative impact resulted on the individual . These are not so familiar during the last 30 years ago.

Coming to the topic that everyone knows the importance of knowledge and hard work to fulfil the tasks imposed by the needs of work. As an individual and as a group / organization in the position of employee and employer respectively will give much importance to the said two points for both mutual benefits.

However in addition to the above, one more area that has to be incorporated to get development in the work aspects. i.e. Sincerity - a word inspires every one primarily and helps to move ahead with positive attitude. These three principles helps individual to complete the tasks assigned by the firm or individual works with whole hearted honesty to achieve the targets in positive way.

Here we can see the triangle chart in prism shape showing three words in each angle viz; Knowledge, Hard work and Sincerity. We can gain the basic knowledge by prosecuting education right from primary to higher level in educational institutions and helps for choosing the areas of professional skills. No doubt the hard work will helps the chances of getting qualifications in high order to get selection in the areas of work field.

This may give fillip to the ambition of getting the desired work job for the person cherished in his dream. To attain the glory of work satisfaction not only to the individual but also the organization is very important quality needed is – Sincerity application. Because, sincerity, is a base for all works in any field that rules the individual, society and country in highest manner to fulfill the tasks with development from the grass root level to the apex level.

As a society engulf with lot of resources eroded during the 2nd world war, Japan raised like a mythological phoenix raises from ashes to a new life with vigour and daring work with sincerity for the development and became again prosperous nation. This is only because of the sincerity application by Japanese people with honest service rendered to society and nation.

This sincerity helps them to manufacture to get finished goods with high standards and the finished products purchased all over the world. Moreover, USA has taken lead part in 50s and 60s of the last century and later Gulf countries also and continued beyond twentieth century.

Now a days, in India , the impact on youth generation so much so that they are being lucky to get the valuable precious activity in every field , due to various activities like to secure the prospective education, employment etc. In view of the prevailing situation country needs sincere application, they should carry the mantle with basement of sincerity like Japanese, on their shoulders while involved in work aspects, to get satisfaction of career development in their life.

Today the youth generation has to raise the above and do work with positive mind for the prosperity of the self and nation duly adopting three principles - Knowledge, Hard work and Sincerity. This will give imperative impact on the nation for future prosperity.

Till today most of the nations are striving to get best results with adaptation three activities in every field as an individual and the establishment for the prosperity. Now it is the need of our nation to move ahead with these principles that has to be adopted wholeheartedly for future prospects to be shared by one and all in the country.

(P Narahari - The author is a social analyst)

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