Let’s not sacrifice Budget for Nutritious food, here we go with pocket friendly ideas
Let’s not sacrifice Budget for Nutritious food, here we go with pocket friendly ideas

Here we go with ur pocket affordable ideas. If you are trying to save your pockets while eating healthy may seem like a catch -22, especially when it’s the holiday season, but it’s easier than you might think.

Plan wisely, by adding more plant based options and with a few ideas to stock your fridge, you can cut down on your grocery bill and trips to the store. 

Founder of the physicians committee for responsible medicine says eating cheap and healthy food is one of the best things you can do as plant based foods are both healthy and usually the most affordable.

Try these budget friendly foods:


one serving can cost you as little as 10 Rs and is rich with B vitamins and other healthy nutrients brown rice can be eaten alone, or you can use it as a base for other foods- get creative with some day- old rice by adding some frozen vegetables and an egg for protein, and now you have fried rice.


A pound of chicken averages 75 Rs and you can use this as your main protein source for meals. You can shred the chicken for a salad or have it with a side of your Brown rice.


They cost about 70Rs a Kg if purchased in Bulk, you can use them to make sweet potato fries in the Oven, mashed sweet potatoes or even roasted  sweet potatoes. Other than being full of beta Carotene, which helps fight disease and boost your immune system, sweet potatoes are a complex carbohydrate and low on the glycemic index; so they won’t spike your blood sugar. 

Throw in your brown rice and beans and chop up some vegetables and you have a healthy sweet potato bowl.


Can cost as little as 210 Rs some change per Kg, and the options for meals and endless. Add some ground turkey to your sweet potato bowl or make Chili, Tacos. 

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