Reject family-run parties: Modi

Reject family-run parties: Modi

Narendra Modi: Reject Family-Run Parties, BJP\'s prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi went hammer and tongs against the Congress party and the TRS.

  • He would be the first BC Prime Minister of country
  • If we come to power, first CM of T will be from BCs

Hyderabad: Addressing rallies in Telangana on Tuesday, BJP's prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi went hammer and tongs against the Congress party and the TRS. Hitting out at Congress party for turning the struggle for Telangana violent, Modi urged the people to vote for who can make a good Telangana. "Save our Telangana, don't let dynasty politics ruin the region," Modi said.

Narendra Modi: Reject Family-Run Parties

Modi held Congress responsible for the violent struggle for Telangana, which saw sacrifices by 1,100 people. Urging voters to choose BJP during this election, Modi said," I will take care of Telangana. I take care of 5 lakh Telugu people in our Surat.” He said this election was a different one. While in Gujarat and other States people will vote for a government for five years, here people will vote for their future. He said this election will prove all psephologists wrong. “Three people are standing here, Modi, Chandrababu and Pawan and it adds not to three but 111 and that is not mathematics. It is chemistry,” he said.

Speaking at a well-attended meeting at LB stadium in Hyderabad, Modi said that “but for the efforts of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, we would have required a visa to visit Hyderabad. The Congress ignored Patel and in a similar manner it ignored the son of soil P V Narasimha Rao.” Modi gave a clarion call to the Telangana people to make BJP win at the Centre and in the T State for the holistic development of the new State. The people’s mandate in the upcoming elections would decide the future of Telangana in the next 100 years. In an indirect reference to Congress and TRS, he said the parties run by families would no longer help development of Telangana by their dynastic politics. He stressed that the BJP-TDP combine was the only alternative to the Telangana people for leading them on the path of development and prosperity. He promised that his party would address power scarcity, unemployment and water crisis if BJP-TDP combine is voted to power. “I admire Pawan’s concern for development of both Telangana and Seemandhra. If there are such people, the Telugu spirit will never die.”

“BJP created three States but not a single bullet was used and all the States – new and residuary – celebrated it. Here Telangana was formed on the bodies of 1,100 martyrs. Can a party which had killed so many people change the future of Telangana?” he questioned? “Don’t believe such a party. You need a government which can understand that Telangana and Seemandhra are new-born babies. Congress has killed their mother. Who will take care of these two babies? It is the government that would come in Delhi that will take care of these babies.”

“When you go to cast your vote, don’t forget the sacrifice of martyrs. Cast your vote after remembering them and decide which party you want,” he said, assuring that he would show results in seven months. “Congress promised 10 crore jobs. Did anyone in your family get a job? Is it not cheating? It is for you now to teach such a government a befitting lesson.” He reiterated his resolve to recover all the black money and use it for the development of the country. Referring to Naidu, Modi said the mantra across the country, Telangana and Seemandhra should be only development. Modi said the youth in the age-group of 18-28 have greater responsibility in the elections. In students life, most important period is Plus Two exams. If you falter there, your life goes berserk. You lay the foundation of your future for golden life at Plus Two stage. Similarly, if you vote for a corrupt government, your future will be ruined. For your own future, a strong government that works at Delhi, Telangana and Seemandhra is must,” he thus cautioned the people He warned youth that if the ‘ Nikkamma’ ( Congress) government came to power again, their future would be under threat .

Naidu who made a brief speech said the NDA at the Centre and the TDP-BJP alliance in the two States would ensure fast development. He questioned the TRS what they had done. “TRS has amassed wealth. Congress is in shambles. Corruption is plaguing the nation as cancer, and NDA can only clear it. There is no leadership at the Centre. Manmohan is a puppet and Rahul Gandhi is clueless. TRS speaks Third Front, which doesn’t even exist,” he added. Jana Sena leader Pawan Kalyan said that Modi has a proven track record; he put Gujarat on the track of development. “Country needs a strong and dynamic leader, not only me, entire nation wants Modi as Prime Minister,” he said. “One nation-India, One mantra-Ab kibar Modi Sarkar, One name-Narendra Modi, One chant - Congress hatao, desh bachao,” he added.
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