Lal Bazar: A market for the armed forces

Lal Bazar: A market for the armed forces

Lal Bazar: A market for the armed forces. Lal Bazar, near Trimulgherry, is one of the busiest business centres in the city.

Lal Bazar, near Trimulgherry, is one of the busiest business centres in the city. The area is popularly known as a shopping paradise for the Army personnel as many military garments, shoes, belts, caps, bed sheets and other allied goods and services are sold.

Historically, British officers and their soldiers used to camp in Trimulgherry village about 150 years ago. At that time, there were two bazars: Big Bazar and Small Bazar, where the merchandise needs of the Britishers and their families were met. It was also the place where they used to set up horse stables and cavalry as it was a safe zone during wars. The locals, who were mostly Tamils, worked with the British Army in their regiments. The locals used to refer to the Britishers as Red Indians (based on their skin tone) and the place eventually came to be known as Lal Bazar.
Commercial activities
Most of the wholesale and retail shopkeepers have been doing business in the area for more than 80 years now. The market functions through the week and is closed on Mondays. The area is also famous for gold and jewellery shops where one can buy traditional handmade jewellery. The gold market has been flourishing here for more than 50 years. A big vegetable market is also located in one of the lanes.
As the area was established during the time of the British, there is a stamp of discipline among the people living in the area.
Ram Mohan Rao, owner of Peddi Veeraiah & Co (set up 80 years ago), said, “This area was a dense forest ground when it was formed and was a hunting ground for wild animals. The Holy Family Church in the area was established in 1880 and is one of the biggest parishes in the Arch Diocese of Hyderabad. The Holy Family High School is famous for providing the best curriculum to poor children and the school has been excelling in sports as well since the time of the British.
Passing through the Lal Bazar lanes is a herculean task as traffic jams are very common due to heavy movement of Army trucks, APSRTC buses, autos and other vehicles. As shopkeepers have encroached the lane on both sides of the footpath, pedestrians face a hard time to commute. Though the Secunderabad Cantonment Board (SCB) cleared illegal encroachments on the footpath in 2013, encroachments continue even today.
Some of the old structures which are over 60 years old remain in a dilapidated condition which is a risk to the people living close by. The Cantonment authorities, who listed the old structures for demolition, have been carrying on the work at a snail’s pace.
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