After onion & potato Tomato @ 60

After onion & potato Tomato @ 60

After onion & potato Tomato @ 60, Price rise continues to plague the common man. After onion and potato, now the price of tomatoes has shot up in the city.

Price rise continues to plague the common man. After onion and potato, now the price of tomatoes has shot up in the city. According to Rythu Bazaar officials, the prices of vegetables have increased due to short supply and delay in the arrival of monsoon. Thank God tomato is still cheaper in Hyderabad compared to Delhi and Mumbai where it is sold at Rs 70-80 per kg.
With tomatoes being sold for a hefty price of Rs 60 per kg, retailers have been buying less stock fearing losses
What’s astonishing is that hardly 10 days ago, tomatoes were being sold for Rs 10-15 per kg. Currently, even the lowest quality of tomato is being priced at Rs 40 per kg at supermarkets.

Other essential veggies are being sold at a marginally higher rate. Onions are being sold at Rs 30 per kg while French beans are being sold at Rs 60 per kg.

Traders and government officials are blaming the scanty rainfall and depleting water levels for the increase in the price of tomatoes.
Tomato price sky rocketing to Rs 45 to 50 per KG,at Rythubazar Alwal
"A lot of crops were ruined during heavy rains in February and March this year and we are still facing its repercussions. At least 20 per cent crops could not be salvaged and a large percentage of produce was being imported,'' said Raj Kumar, general secretary, Monda Market Retailers' Association.

Subhash, a trader at Erragadda Rythu Bazaar, said that due to drought, production of tomatoes was estimated to be lower as it requires abundant water supply. He also pointed out that the price may remain high in the national capital as supplies from all the adjoining states have been exhausted.

According to Madhavi, a vegetable vendor at Rythu Bazaar in Alwal, “The price of tomatoes never crossed Rs 30 per kg even during peak summer and during the days of high inflation. Rs 60 per kg is unheard of. Many of the customers who used to buy a minimum of 1 kg are now settling for only 250 grams. If our stock is not sold in the next three days, it will rot and we will incur huge losses.”

Earlier the price of a 25 kg box of tomatoes used to cost around Rs 250 and Rs 300 but now the same is priced between Rs 800 and Rs 1200.

“The consumers are questioning us regarding the sudden rise in the price. It is difficult for us to explain our position,” Madhavi said.

Meanwhile, small time vendors have cut down on the quantity of tomato they purchase due to the hike in price. The vendors are wary over incurring losses.

Rama Rao, a government employee, lamented, “The common man is being forced to cut down on vegetables and also compromise on the varieties due to price rise. I have never seen such a hike in the price of tomatoes in years. This is a burden on the middle class families.”

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