Modi keeps a watch on late-coming Babus

Modi keeps a watch on late-coming Babus

Modi Keeps A Watch On Late-Coming Babus. India’s bureaucracy has been ranked the worst among 12 Asian countries for almost two decades, according to a ...

Prime Minister Narendra Modi.Delhi Golf Club members under PM’s scanner

India’s bureaucracy has been ranked the worst among 12 Asian countries for almost two decades, according to a survey done by Hong Kong-based Political & Economic Risk Consultancy Ltd. Civil servants would take too long to make decisions and the government had been reluctant to make any changes, the report said.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has sought to jolt India’s bureaucrats into action since taking power, as he pledges to revive growth in Asia’s third-biggest economy. This month, Modi told bureaucrats to clean up offices, keeping hallways unobstructed and papers neatly stacked, according to a letter sent by Cabinet Secretary Ajit Seth.

But this is a matter of the past. Modi has now called for the list of bureaucrats who are members of the Delhi Golf Club. Do you read any connect?

One of the organisers at the Delhi Golf Club says, “Most of the IAS officers are here playing till 11 am and then leave for work. But now, Modi expects them to work, not at the club.”

“This is Delhi’s oldest golf club with shuttering peacocks and monuments dating back to the 15th century. I used to arrange caddies for most bureaucrats, but now, for the past one month, the absence of these officers can be felt,” says Sultan, an employee of the Golf Club.

An IAS officer (anonymous) said, “It was surprising for us when Prime Minister Modi called for the list of all the bureaucrats, who were members of the golf club. He started keeping a tab on the officers playing golf during work hours.”

“His style of functioning is different and smart,” says a seasoned bureaucrat. “I was noted that he does not call up on your mobile to check if you have arrived at work. He calls up on your land line and checks if he is in his seat. Mobiles give the scope to lies,” says a senior peon in Modi’s office. “He is punctual and expects the bureaucrats, ministers to be on time,” he adds.

Following in the footsteps of his boss, Parliamentary Affairs Minister Venkaiah Naidu made a surprise visit to his office on Monday morning and found 80 Babus missing from their seats.

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