Hyderabad: Jawwad Patel, a second year engineering student, studying Electronics & Communications Engineering at Lords Institute of Engineering & Technology, Himayatsagar has developed a unique ‘Smart Helmet’ which has many functions attached to it; the ‘Smart Helmet’ has been designed to curb accidents, detecting rider alcohol influence through smart sensors attached to it. 

The helmet also detects unusual manoeuvres, over speeding in the bike and stops the bike slowly. The most unique of all functions is it doesn’t start the bike unless the rider wears the ‘Smart Helmet.’ “This is the first time by any engineering institute in the city where a second year student got his technology patented, we are very happy for him,” said Tauseef, Vice Chairman at Lords Institute of Engineering and Technology. 

“Jawwad Patel is a brilliant student, he has developed many creative things and we have dedicated him special mentors, who have been helping him out with his innovations,” he added. Jawwad Patel, student of Lords Institute of Engineering and Technology has designed  many technological products like heat sensors for bathroom showers, automated door lock which can be operated from anywhere in the world and many more. Jawwad Patel adds that the cost of the ‘Smart Helmet’ if produced in a mass way will cost only Rs 2,000 to Rs 2,500. Jawwad says that his unique creation will save many lives.