Straight from the heart

Straight from the heart

Ravinder Singh, whose romantic books influenced young hearts, is back with his fifth book ‘This Love that Feels Right...’ 

Ravinder Singh, whose romantic books influenced young hearts, is back with his fifth book ‘This Love that Feels Right...’

In town to promote his latest book, the IT professional-turned-author he recalls his journey, “My first book had come out from the jottings that I made in my scrap book to overcome the pain of losing my love in an accident in 2007. It was straight from the heart, so to say.

Probably, that was the reason the readers found an immediate connect with the book. Of course, when I decided to publish the book, I had to seek advice about the language and content part. I was recommended to read Erich Segal’s debut novel ‘Love Story’. And thus was born, the title of my first book ‘I too had a love story’.”

He believes that ‘Life is all about love and relationships’.

This is the sentiment that finds a prominence in his book.

“Many a times, relationships are a mismatch due to various reasons. It could be due to physical needs, spiritual needs or the need to bond over a common passion. And I wonder if there is a scope for ‘open marriage’.

Is divorce really a good solution? There is a large element of ‘love’ in my books, but many a times it’s also a sugar-coated cover to put forth many other important messages of life. For example, today many youth would not like to enter politics.

But there are instances where a book of mine would draw attention of the youth to this subject .And there is also a story of childhood memories. Who would not want to re-live the goof old childhood days? ‘This Love That Feels Right…’ deals with protagonists finding love outside marriage. If desires are not fulfilled, a disillusioned partner may search for love elsewhere.”

On his memories about Hyderabad Ravinder says. “I have been in Hyderabad quite often. I did most of my education from Bidar and I used to visit that place mostly via Hyderabad. Later, I studied at Indian School of Business in Hyderabad and saw the city emerging before my eyes,” he says.

“Sometimes, I wonder why Indian authors are not invited abroad as frequently as overseas authors coming to India. I feel that authors ought to be paid better for their works,” reasons Ravinder.

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