Depicting memories through art
Depicting memories through art

 A group of artists including Dinar Sultana Putul, Ekta Singha, Navjot Sohal, Krishna Trivedi, Akshita Aggarwal, Krishnal Fulwala, Biplab Sarkar, Ajaysingh Bhadoriya, Ajikumar, Midhun Gopi and Prabhakar Sahoo are showcasing their latest works as part of an exhibition ‘Alchemy of Memories’ at Kalakriti Art Gallery.

Hyderabad-based artist Akshita Aggarwal shares, “My works are strongly connected to me. I express myself through my paintings and other works. I believe that this is the strongest way for me to communicate and express my inner self, emotions, and thoughts. I feel that I have a strong bond and connection with birds. These astounding creatures are not only beautiful, but their sense of freedom is breathtaking. I strongly relate my personality and character to them. 

Also, I have studied and worked on the behavioral similarities between humans and animals,” Sharing about her concept of work, Akshita said, “My concept is inspired by nature especially flying buds or insects (birds, butterfly, honey bee and lady buds). I show emotions and thoughts of human life and situations. 

I depict how humans just follow each other rather than following their own path, running after materialistic life, not understanding that it’s just an illusion and not the final goal of their life, it’s a trap. I use more of decoration form in my print because I believe every beautiful thing has a dark side, same goes for humans too. 

Printmaking allows me to do so as the outcomes are astonishingly distinct and beautiful. Also, one can feel and observe the details that are done in it,”“My zeal to learn and experiment with this art form makes me more and more interested to venture further. Thereby, making me a keen and vivid artist to run after my passion. 

Printmaking in itself is a huge world, which demands a lot of hard work and variety of techniques. I also want to go beyond the traditional premise of printmaking and eager to explore my creativity in this field apart from what is already been done. I want to experiment all the printmaking techniques with different art forms and see the unique result and bring something new to the world of printmaking,” shared Akshita.

Another artist Prabhakar Sahoo said, “I love to create paintings from the everyday life experience of the society and its impact on my mind. The keen observation of my surroundings has been gradually taken a visual transition in my work. As a migrator, my perspective of a city always seemed painful to the small area/ town people who come to the city for a job or opportunity for survival, and they were treated as labor class. Sometimes, my works are metaphorically indicating the politics behind the issue. 
Sometimes the way its blocked by barricade sometimes by hiding people through masking,”
Artist Ajaysingh Bhadoriya shared, “My works are the reflection of the drama being created by the construction of layers in a structure which represents the history and its untold story.

 The essence of ‘old’ attracts me and I try to replicate the story of the structure; how it decomposes structure reflects the identity of that place. My work doesn't  showcase the whole landscape of it, but rather focuses on the elements which modify the whole structure and tells the background of it. Elements like doors, windows, or even walls express the untold story of the time,”

Ajay adds, “In this series, my constant interest and focus has been laid upon the interaction between the human and the public space in which he/she is present. Different people tend to react differently even if they are in the same space, (here space is the historical sites of Hyderabad) which is very interesting for me to observe both as a viewer and as an artist,”

What: Alchemy of Memories
Where: Kalakriti Art Gallery
When: Until May 29 
between 11 am and 7 pm