Sister Nivedita School conducts workshop on art of revision
Sister Nivedita School conducts workshop on art of revision

Hyderabad: The children of the present often complain of not understanding what they have learnt and what is taught to them. With the sweeping changes in education system, are we getting the desired results? If not, who is to be blamed? – The notoriety of the internet and technology or the no good teachers as per the students.

The harnessing of the brain is the answer for this complicated question. The students of today are prone to many distractions which appear to be an easy term of explanation for a poor performance. Sister Nivedita School, Ameerpet, organised a workshop for the students of Class X. This session was an enlightening journey from reading to retention by Biswajit Roy, associated with the Centre for behavioral transformations, A Roytek Technologies Initiative satiating the needs of students in schools. 

Roy had focused the reasons of forgetfulness, the science of learning and the art of revision. This workshop also concerned the physiology of the human brain where the process of learning on the distractions and flow to overcome them, was very interesting and interactive. This discussion had also emphasised on the three C’s ‘Control, Concentration and Commitment’ which would cure the disease called ‘distraction’.

At the end of the workshop, there was an open, interactive session where the students interacted with the speaker and clarified their doubts. The day ended with a clarity and enlightment of the students on how to learn and the achievement of learning.

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