Hands-on CPR programme on September 29

Hands-on CPR programme on September 29

Everyday, we hear cases of sudden Cardiac Arrest SCA who are declared dead as they couldnt receive CardioPulmonary Resuscitation CPR, a potentially lifesaving technique

Warangal: Everyday, we hear cases of sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) who are declared dead as they couldn’t receive Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR), a potentially lifesaving technique. On the occasion of World Heart Day, which is celebrated annually on September 29, Srinivasa Heart Foundation is conducting “Hands-Only CPR” an awareness program for common public at NRI Alumni Education Centre, Kakatiya Medical College, Warangal. This workshop gives a hands-on experience to all the attendees of the program to give basic CPR to the patients who suddenly collapse with the onset of Cardiac Arrest. This program will take place from 7AM to 7PM this Saturday. Technical support and manpower for this event is provided by Aster Prime Hospitals.

Dr. Srinivas Ramaka, Chairman and Managing Trustee, Srinivasa Heart Foundation, Warangal undertook the responsibility of enhancing health standards in India by conducting education programmes for public and patients to promote cardiac health. Dr. Srinivas Ramaka is a Limca book record holder by conducting largest CPR Training session in India and trained more than 4000 people on a single day.
Speaking at the press meet, Dr. Srinivas Ramaka said, “It is common that the bystanders do not know what to do in case of cardiac arrest in a place where there is no medical help.

A person can have a sudden cardiac arrest in full public view and minutes later can be declared brought dead by the doctors. My vision and aim are to create awareness regarding Hands on CPR which can save lives in these conditions. In this awareness programme the attendees receive a standard pamphlet which has clear instructions of the procedure to conduct CPR and also, they get to practice CPR technique on a mannequin.We have conducted many awareness programs till date and we aim to do many more in the coming years.”

“There is no point in thinking why there is SCA, but intervention and CPR can help save the life from untimely death due to sudden cardiac anomalies. We are not just advocating the need of CPR for the SCA patients, but we are also need preaching for the setup of Automated External Defibrillators (AED) devices in public places like bus stations, railway stations, malls etc. International standards for an ambulance to arrive in case of emergency is 6-8 minutes. However, in our country it takes much longer. So, this states the need of training of Cardio- Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) procedure to thousands of lay public,” he adds.

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