Men also prone to breast cancer

Men also prone to breast cancer

Breast cancer is identified mostly in men aged 60-70 years We have read and heard about breast cancer in women. Of late, the most spine chilling and...

Breast cancer is identified mostly in men aged 60-70 years

We have read and heard about breast cancer in women. Of late, the most spine chilling and the rarest matter has come to light. It is nothing but breast cancer in men. Notwithstanding the fact that this is just only 1% amongst the whole cancer cases, still this is a most breathtaking news. Yet this may attack any age group.

Reasons: Just as there are many reasons cited in the case of breast cancer in women folk, no reasons can be specified in the case of men. Genetic and ecological factors play a pivotal role in infection and spreading of this disease. There is scope of becoming victims of this disease where people subjected to more radiation in chest as a part of cancer treatment.

Nevertheless it is not scientifically proved, it has been noticed that over 50 cases of breast cancer in men who have taken medicines of this sort have come to light. Genes also are another paramount reason for this breast cancer in men. If there is breast cancer in more women in near relatives, there is scope that men also may become victims of this breast cancer. If “BRCA2” gene is inherited ,there is more scope of seeing this breast cancer in men. It is only BRCA2 gene that is responsible upto 15% of breast cancer cases in men. If female hormone “estrogen” level is more in men, there is scope for breast cancer in men. Generally production of estrogen in smaller quantity in every man is common. But in some men, Estrogen production is more because of which the breasts in men grow bigger in size. estrogen level will become high in the cases of “cirrhosis” disease of liver and obesity.

Identifying the symptoms

The best way to identify breast cancer in men is to check the breast nipples near chest area. If there is growth like thick muscle below breast nipples, it could be cancer. Cancer disease causes changes around breast nipples. Breast nipples turning red color, sunken, nipples facing inwards, either blood or infection like symptoms are also the signs of cancer. Generally cancer affects only one breast. It may occur in two breasts. Compared to women ,the size of the breast is smaller in men, and so breast cancer symptoms can be easily identified. Similarly this may easily spread to other parts of chest muscles. Sometimes boils may appear in armpits. Cancer can be easily confirmed through C.A.T. P.E. T.C.T,M.R.I, BIOPSY.

Treatment: It is similar to the treatment given to women in the case of. After confirming cancer generally through “radical mastectomy” the cancer affected cells are removed, after which chemotherapy, will be used to kill the cancer cells.

This is a method through which medicines are directly pumped into blood vessels. This is done once in every three weeks. Radiation is used to kill the cancer cells at a specific place. Hormone therapy is also used for non recurrence of cancer.

Special medicines like “herceptin ” can identify cancer cells. Good results can be achieved with less side affects when these are used clubbing with other treatment methods.

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