On the first global World Lung Day, Survivors Against TB (SATB), a group of TB survivors, has launched India’s first Hindi digital interface on tuberculosis (TB), www.survivorsagaisnttb.com. 

“This  portal is a way to empower TB affected communities by offering them important information on the disease. This portal is for anyone and everyone who is affected by TB. The goal is to inform, empower and strengthen the ability to fight TB,” says Deepti Chavan, an MDR TB Survivor and Patient advocate from the group.

The website profiles numerous TB survivors who work as advocates and also highlights key issues - from treatment to mental health, gender and stigma. It also provides a way to engage directly. “We (survivors) are often inundated with basic questions on TB. Through this website, we aim to provide as much information as is possible. And we are more than happy to present solutions to the best of our capability,” Said Saurabh Rane, MDR TB Survivor and Patient Advocate.

“The idea came about when numerous families and individuals spoke to us about the lack of sufficient information in Hindi. SATB is a patient-friendly network where information is easy to understand and accessible. We want to enable each Indian who is affected by TB to survive and defeat it,” said Chapal Mehra, Convenor, SATB

The website offers films on survivors, specific information on areas such as diagnosis and treatment and also lists some of the key advocacy work done by the group. “TB doesn’t see anyone’s class or caste before infecting. It is critical to spread as much awareness as possible. In the end, information allows us to make the right choices”, says Saurabh Rane.