Time for solution to plastic waste
Time for solution to plastic waste

Somajiguda: Every minute the equivalent of one garbage truck is discharged at Sea and in order to get a solution for the plastic waste for the last 18 months two 24 years old cousins Mathieu and Quentin from France have been running an awareness campaign to turn the tide.

Mathieu and Quentin started from France on 21 July 2017 for 20,000 kilometers cycling on four continents to create awareness, together they met more than 100 experts to identify 300 public and private initiatives.

During the press conference held at press club Mathieu said that cycling was my dream and we wanted to know people around us. He said that seeing the garbage and plastic waste been dumped in the sea we started an awareness campaign, in order to save the nature, we need to get a global solution.

Quentin another cyclist said that plastic and garbage is been dumped directly into the lake which is affecting the environment and every person is responsible for this by the year 2050 lake will be full of plastic less than fish as it take 1000’s of years to degrade a plastic.

Mathieu added that when they came down to Hyderabad they met a person Narayana who has found a way to creat edible cutlery and this disruptive innovation has a exponential demand and the Indian founder now faces a supply challenge. Narayana wants to make single use plastic a think of the past by selling his unique technology in the world so that everyone can be a part of the change.