Hyderabad will be a pleasant place to live in

Hyderabad will be a pleasant place to live in

Hyderabad Will be a Pleasant Place to Live in. Hyderabad is facing acute water shortage and many housing colonies will buy water to face the harsh summer in 2015. Environmental scientists have already predicted the ground water will go bone dry within a few years.

Hyderabad is facing acute water shortage and many housing colonies will buy water to face the harsh summer in 2015. Environmental scientists have already predicted the ground water will go bone dry within a few years. Even the contamination level of ground water is very high. Many economic historians have predicted the next world war will be fought over water. The inter-state skirmish over water has already begun among many Indian states. In order to escape from a serious water crisis the Hyderabad city must come out with a dedicated survey of its water bodies. How many waterbodies are there just after independent and how many have completely disappeared in the past six and half decade. How many water bodies are in a dilapidated condition and how many are existing in good condition. Accordingly the waterbodies should be classified as A, B and C category.

Once the water bodies are classified, efforts should be made to save the water bodies in bad shape with regular shramdams from local people. All expenditure for revival of water bodies has to be met by people who are responsible for the bad condition of the water bodies. Political leaders must appeal to people that they should put their effort to revive the water bodies. Tickets for municipal councilors’ election should be distributed on the basis of the condition of waterbodies, quality of roads, foot paths, cleanliness of heritage sites, quality of schools and health centers in the localities. It will activate the councilor candidates to improve the basic infrastructures in their localities before laying claim for candidature. Every housing colony in Hyderabad should be instructed to construct rain water harvesting structure and all kinds of needless concrete structure should not be allowed anywhere in Hyderabad. There should be more soil area for the rain water to sip into the ground. Twenty years back the grounds in Hyderabad was looking lush green today they are bald and grey. It shows the process of desertification has started in Hyderabad due to ground water erosion and moisture loss in soil which becomes brittle day by day.

Hyderabad is home to many intellectuals, social activists, cine stars, writers and philanthropists who have to come to the street and create awareness among people to save Hyderabad. It is a surprise that in spite of having a vibrant media in the city the water bodies have become paralyzed in many places. The Musi river has become a garbage dump. Thirty years back the city road had tree canopies. Today the city roads have no tree canopy and the commuters are exposed to harsh sun during summer. There is no account of the trees cut at the time of road widening and road construction. With advanced machines those trees can be replanted.

Similarly the city’s polluted air gives enough woe to residents as the lungs relating diseases are at the increase. The worse happen to more than 70% people in the city whose income is less than Rs 10000. If any member of his family gets any diseases like heart, cancer or TB he is totally ruined. So Hyderabadis have to start an all-out war against air pollution. The fossil fuel dependency has to reduce. Many people in Hyderabad move alone with their personal cars. There is need for pool car culture in Hyderabad. The city has become a black hole to suck fossil fuel. India’s oil import reaches $ 160 billion per year.

The solution lies in constructing cycle track all around and pedestrian paths alongside all roads. Indians never learn good thing from the west. The national cycling network of Denmark covers 10000 km. The greatest CO2 fighter, Denmark has set an example for others. The European Cyclists’ Federation(ECF) is constructing a cycling route covering 70000 kilometer which will connect all European nations by 2020. Recently Japan has constructed an attractive cycling route called Japan Cycling Route Network covering 1930 kilometer connecting Fukuoka and Tokyo. Italy had made history in bringing cycle to people’s life again. The people of Italy have acquired 1.61 million by-cycles in 2012. Ignazio Marino, the Mayor of Rome cycles his way to reach his meeting venues and set example for common man. The Telengana leaders should build cycle tracks in Hyderabad which will be an example before the country. Cycle track will not only save fuel it will improve the air quality of the city. Cycling is a health booster and a large number of people who commute five to ten kilometer to reach their work place can always use cycle. It will solve the parking problem as there is no adequate parking place for increasing the number of cars in Hyderabad. People pay hefty road tax and yet do not get parking place in the city. With people’s participation and political will, Hyderabad city can once again become a pleasant place to live in.

By Sudhansu R Das

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