We can develop our region: Rajaiah


D Gopi Vijayawada: “We can develop the Andhra region better than any place. We don’t even need government to acquire land for our...

D Gopi

Vijayawada: “We can develop the Andhra region better than any place. We don’t even need government to acquire land for our industries. We can buy the land and establish on our own. All that the government has to do

Speaking to The Hans India, Rajaiah said that the people in Andhra region have all the resources and capabilities to develop the region without depending on anybody. He further said that entrepreneurs from this region also have the potential to come up with massive establishments that can support the people and the State. However, he wanted the government to come up with new policies to support investment in the region initially, if the State is divided.

He said that people from Andhra region have invested heavily around the capital – Hyderabad – in the past two decades with a view to develop their capital. “Now that a decision is taken asking our people to get out of the capital, we have to fight for our right on the capital. We can’t be sent out of the capital without giving us compensation or alternatives,” he asserted.
Rajaiah felt that the Congress party has created the problem which is now turning into a law and order problem with people voluntarily protesting on the streets. He felt that the Congress leaders, while making the announcement on division of the State, should also have announced issues like sharing of water, power and the revenue of Hyderabad. “Hyderabad is the bone of contention and 70 per cent of the State’s revenue comes from the capital. We cannot leave it for Telangana and walk out of it empty handed,” he maintained.

He further said that the UPA leadership should at least now constitute an all-party committee giving due representation to all political parties or appoint a Cabinet Committee with the Union Ministers. A committee with experts of all fields is also advisable. These committees should hold talks with the stakeholders, including representatives of the business and industrial communities in all the regions to find solutions, he added. He wanted the UPA government to come out with proposals on new capital for Seemandhra, financial support for it, the proposals on sharing of power and water, the status of Hyderabad and its revenue. The employment guarantee and safety for those living in Hyderabad and other parts of the Telangana districts, should also be promised, he added. “If these issues are placed before the people, they would give options to the government and thus the issue could be solved at the earliest,” Rajaiah pointed out. He ridiculed the Antony committee, which represents only the Congress and not even the other partners of the UPA.

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