BS Yeddyurappa says division of the state not a solution for problem of backwardness
BS Yeddyurappa says division of the state not a solution for problem of backwardness

 DHARWAD: The state BJP president and leader of the opposition BS Yeddyurappa in the legislative assembly, has said that granting North Karnataka with separate statehood is not a solution for its problem of backwardness.

On Sunday while speaking at the 84th Akhila Bharata Kannada Sahitya Sammelana, Yeddyurappa had said that all Kannada-speaking areas are unified as Karnataka after  the struggle and sacrifice years ago. He said division of the state will be disastrous. The welfare of Karnataka lies within it by being a unified state, as it is not just a unification of geographical regions, but of the people and their sentiments.

“It is an open secret that North Karnataka has remained backward, but this should not be a platform to demand separate statehood. The government should feel the pulse of people and focus on comprehensive development. The BJP government had doled out large chunks of funds for the development of backward regions. The coalition government should make similar efforts,” Yeddyurappa said

The government should focus more on farmers, labourers and the underprivileged to make sure that they become self reliant. “To help farmers, pending irrigation projects should be completed on a priority basis. More than 150 taluks have been declared drought-hit and measures should be taken to fill tanks and ease the drinking water crisis,” Yeddyurappa said.

By recalling the Jnanpith winner Da Ra Bendre, Yeddyurappa had asked the government to turn ‘Shri Mata’, the residence of the poet, into a national monument. “This land is scared as it has given birth to eight Jnanpith award winners. They all have taken Kannada literature to greater heights. Politicians too should join hands with them to protect and promote the language,” he said.


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