BWSSB takes up a massive challenge of cleaning 2.4 lakh maholes

BWSSB takes up a massive challenge of cleaning 2.4 lakh maholes

BENGALURU: On Tuesday the chairman of BWSSB Tushar Girinath, had announced that it has taken up a massive challenge of cleaning up 2.4 lakh manholes in the city. The drive began on January 1.

Girinath said the move would bring relief to the citizens who are paying anywhere between Rs 1,500 to Rs 5,000 to get manholes near their houses cleaned. Corporators alps raised the issue by stating that the cleaning staff are demanding for huge amounts, which is unacceptable.

The drive was taken up by BWSSB due to the overflowing of manholes. “All our jetting machines are being equipped with GPS and all manholes are being tracked on the basis of machines visiting them for cleaning,” he added. Girinath requested BBMP to provide BWSSB the land to dump the waste that is collected from the manholes.

Opposition leader Padmanabha Reddy slammed BWSSB for polluting the Bellandur Lake. He said that, BBMP was fined Rs 500 crore by the NGT because of BWSSB polluting lakes. “It is BWSSB job to ensure that sewage doesn’t enter storm water drains. The same water is entering the lakes. BWSSB has failed to manage its sewerage system,” he said.

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