Do we need ‘The New Year Resolutions’?

Do we need ‘The New Year Resolutions’?

New Year Resolutions: Do We Need Them?. Hundreds of ‘New Years’ have been left behind so far. Tears roll down every one’s face like rain.

Hundreds of ‘New Years’ have been left behind so far. Tears roll down every one’s face like rain. Rape, molestation and murder continue to suffer from the ignorance and fear of others in our path to healing. Insurgency related violence is a rampant problem in India. We are quite unable to root out the corruption. More, religious violence is placed on the other. What will be our New Year resolutions in 2014?
Question is: Do we really need ‘The New Year’s resolutions’? In a year, we have 52 weeks, 12 months and 365 days. It’s a matter for long term. We must take each day as a new dawn and begin it as if it is our last day on earth. We must change the society in a day a bit and not in a year. We should have resolutions in every new day. New Year is nothing but just a change of the calendar year.
Do we need ‘The New Year Resolutions’?
We need to change the society. We should make our nation great. We have to do something completely different to change our societal stage. We need to work hard with focus and dedication in our every day journey of struggles. We don’t need to change the calendar. In a New Year, we must have new ears through which one can listen to a soft and lovely message and a new mouth through which you can spread a beautiful note for the nation. Swami Vivekananda once quoted, “In a day, when you don't come across any problems - you can be sure that you are travelling in a wrong path”.
You need to make no promise for the New Year. The habit of making strategies, of carping, endorsing and molding your life, are too much for a day or so. The New Year is like a blank paper and we must put words on the pages. And the first episode is ‘New Year’.
Each day and in every moment, we all could change ourselves for a better nation. We may become cleaner society and more prolific. Very few people who make every day's resolutions attach to them but that is hardly the point. In our life, we must learn to rely on ourselves to keep our everyday resolutions alive.
What a fascinating, modern age we are in. But, what’s left for us to do? Now, we are looking for a radically new world which will take a shape from the ashes of yesterday’s nation based economic world. We need to look at the entire economic & civic model and find a way to change it. Let's act all together for our nation. Let’s start the year 2014 with being perfectly honest.
Let's not make ourselves better, but make the world better instead.
Wish you all a very 'HAPPY-New-YEAR 2014'!!
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