How do relationships takes a drastic turn for worse

How do relationships takes a drastic turn for worse

How Do Relationships Take A Drastic Turn For Worse

The sudden and mysterious death of Sunanda Pushkar Tharoor has left the country shocked. Her death came just a day after her well publicized twitter spat with Mehr Tarar, claming that the Pakistani journalist was stalking her husband even hinting that they were having an affair.Sources claim that things started going downhill for Shashi Tharoor and sunanda when Mehr Tarar wrote a highly flattering article about the union minister in a newspaper.

Sunanda asked her husband to stop all futher talks with her.Sunanda’s death raises several questions including why would a highly successful 52 year old women reaches out social media to sort out her marital problems, why couldn’t the happily married couple talk things out to each other.

How Do Relationships Take A Drastic Turn For Worse

Tips on how relationships takes a drastic turn for worse.

Unsaid Rules: Men and women have a set of unsaid rules for each other after they enter a committed relationship. Just like the no talk of previous relationship’s rule, couple draw a line when it comes to becoming jealousy close to someone from the opposite sex or even prasing them. Cross this line and your partner is on the road to insecurity and jealousy.

Communication: Couples resort to a third person for help instead of talking it out with eachother.Several people don’t confide about their fears and doubts with their partners and try talking it out with a friend or someone else. These tiny issues gradually build up and then burst out in an unexpected ways. One of the biggest pet peeves for men is that feeling of being nagged or badgered,especially if they don’t know what the problem really is .

Also the rules of polite, kind, nice conversation that women try to follow often come off as indirect, manipulative and mysterious to men.

But let’s not forget about men .According to the courier mail, women hate the fact that men donot listen to their problems and are constantly trying to provide solutions, when all the ladies want to do is talk about the issue and release some stress.

Spending time with eachother: Lorna Bukkland-Vitteta, a body language and relationship and management expert, has revelaed that couples are failing to make time for each other as they are consumed by stress, and are forgetting the rules of love, which are caring more and stressing less, reported.

According to her putting aside time every week to talk about issue, problems and anything that needs to be addressed in the relationship is crucial to maintain a healthy love life.

Venting Out: Out of frustration over their relationship discord, some partners resort to extreme measures to freeload their anger and disappointment. Spilling your love life issues into social media and letting the public in on your personal life is not going to solve problems but worsen them.

Pride: It comes in the way of admitting one’s mistakes. It is always firmly an obstacle in communicating to your partner just how he/she contributes to your life. An inflated perception of self means you just cannot see how wrong you are. Knock pride off your personality and you will be surprised how peaceful a relationship can be.

Unrealistic Expectations: Everyone has an idea of their perfect partner. But it is impossible to match up to such standards. As a result, couples get disappointed and frustrated trying to make each other happy.

Romance: Couples who have been together for long tend to forget the little things that keep the relationship alive and interesting.

The flirting and flowers take a back seat, and soon enough partners loose the interest they had once for each other.

The bonds of marriage thrive on having interest in eachother, working towards common goals and spending time with each other.

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