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Firstly clean the face with fresh water and liquid soap and moisture your skin now on a clean and moisturized face, apply an illuminating primer to create a luminous base. Dab liquid foundation on your face and neck for a clear complexion. Apply concealer under your eyes to brighten them up and hide dark circles.

  1. Now apply a highlighter on the higher planes of your face and all over your eyelids 
  2. Use a good shimmery bronzer on the hollows of your cheeks and contours of your eyes to add definition and dimension to your look.
  3. Time for eyebrows groom them by brushing upwards and use a good brow kit to fill in gaps and make your brows look fuller and thicker 
  4. Take a waterproof mascara and swipe a few coats of mascara for voluminous lashes
  5. Dust glittery pigment in peachy nudes on your eyelids and a little on your cheeks 
  6. The final touch of the make up ends with a high shine nude gloss on lips 
  7. All you get is a nude illuminated makeup 

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