The Life of a Fitness Model Karan Oberoi

The Life of a Fitness Model Karan Oberoi

The Life of a Fitness Model Karan Oberoi


Behind the Scenes: The Life of a Fitness Model Karan Oberoi

Discipline, commitment and focus are some of the essential elements towards sculpting a great body. It is more than a full-time job. It requires you to give your 100% throughout the year. A fitness enthusiast has to ensure every part of the body is worked upon with a sufficient amount of exercise, a balanced diet and most importantly, rest. As a matter of fact, the life of a fitness model is much tougher than that of a regular model.

It requires a certain level of performance as well. To be able to be in front of the camera with confidence and panache can be quite daunting. Keeping all of the above pre-requisites in mind, Karan Oberoi has established himself as one of the most successful fitness models in India.

Born on 26th September, Karan Oberoi comes from a highly educated family background. His mother, Dr.Jasvinder Oberoi is a senior professor of Hindi literature in Delhi University college. Going by the high regard that his family had for academics, Karan pursued a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce, followed by a postgraduate diploma in Mass Media, both from Delhi University.

He then went on to acquire a Master’s degree in Business Administration as well. While working as a graphic designer for a top advertising firm, Karan stumbled on to modelling and fitness. And then there was no looking back.

He dove headlong into health and fitness and today takes great pride in achieving his dream body. All of this was only possible thanks to a disciplined and dedicated fitness regime which included a nutritious diet and strenuous exercise. His daily food intake includes a healthy diet of high protein and carbohydrates, citrus-rich fruits, and green salads. Karan’s day typically starts off with a bowl of oats with milk, egg whites for brunch, and Quinoa or chicken breast for lunch.

Later in the day, he consumes fresh fruit juices or fruit bowls and he ends the day with a big bowl of green leafy salad or fish. He recommends having over 4 litres of water everyday which helps flush toxins from the body. Further detoxification includes green tea and black coffee (ideally before every workout). He also adds that in order to curb sweet cravings, he occasionally indulges in protein bars or sugar-free ice creams.

“For a fitness model, it is absolutely important to look your best. Including green salads and citrus fruits help you achieve that”.

Karan believes that spending excessive amounts of time in the gym does not guarantee great results. A maximum of 60 minutes of intense exercise daily is adequate for achieving the perfect body. However, he also adds that sticking to the same exercise regime hampers the growth of the body. Exercise routines need to change every few days which ensure healthy and balanced growth. Apart from belting it out in the gym, Karan believes it is absolutely essential to step out for a run every other day. This helps the body in achieving vitamin D and also fresh air for detoxification.

“The only way to build a body is by natural means. I have never and will never use steroids or any growth hormones.”

Karan has appeared in various health and fitness magazines such as cover of Men’s Health, HT City Lifestyle and many more. In early 2018, HT Brunch honoured him with the title of “Top Fitness Model” in the country. One of the world’s leading fitness brands, British Nutrition has appointed him as their Official Brand Ambassador. Karan also participated in the honourable Mr. India modelling contest and earned the titles of “Best Body” & “Mr. Photogenic”. His journey as a fitness model has also been documented by India Today.

“It’s not only about doing the right exercises and following the right diet. It’s all about devoting yourself to becoming the best fitness model in the country.”

In the latter half of 2017, Filmfaremagazine gave him the title of “Hottie of the Fortnight”. Will this help him break into the Bollywood circuit? All fingers point to yes!

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