On Fight For Love

On Fight For Love

All disagreements with your partner arent bad Some can even bring you closerAre you even a couple if you dont argue about anything and everything from ...

All disagreements with your partner aren’t bad. Some can even bring you closer.

Are you even a couple if you don’t argue about anything and everything from where to eat tonight to how to manage money better? But guess what, if you’ve got a bone to pick with your SO, you might be doing the right thing for your relationship. Surprised? Anything that’s worth having is sure enough worth fighting for quittings out of the question when it gets tough, gotta fight some more.

If you are a couple planning to go down the marriage route, the more you fight about certain things before, the better your understanding of each other’s outlooks. The key, however, is to fight fair. An argument creates the opportunity for couples to release stress and most importantly, it helps open their heart to their partner as long as couples suppress their instinct to win the fight at all cost.

So, while you get ready with your sharpened swords, remember that the aim is to come up with a solution and wave a white flag of truce.

Here are few fights you must pick up before you get hitched:

Why aren’t you a believer?
Religious or spiritual compatibility can play a big role in a marriage. Believer or atheist no matter what your partner and your stance is, get a clear idea before tying the knot.

Stop bringing work home
BEIGN in a relationship with a partner who is committed more to his laptop than you is hard. Nothing puts a damper on a blissful marriage than both or either of you coming home exhausted from work, only to sneak in emails during dinner and then turning your backs towards each other in bed. Consider declaring areas of your home. The bedroom or dining room perhaps as no work or no gadget zones where the two of you will spend a minimum of 30 minutes of quality time together.

My money is mine
If you are planning to get hitched, don’t just be penny wise but be pound smart as well. It’s very important for couples to individually understand what their relationship with money is. Next, sit together and figure out a financial plan for your future. Discuss how much would be the monthly expenditure come upto? What is our long term goal? Whether they want to own a house? Who will pay the electricity bills? And grocery bills. How will they save for the education for their children. Not just this, having a back up plan if an unforeseen event arises is equally important. Discuss with your partner about the insurance as to which one would be good for home as well as for health.

I don’t want kids
Before tying the knot it’s very important to discuss when: if you want your duo to become a trio. It’s always good to discuss how many kids they want to have and when. In case a couple decides to have kids but don’t want to do so biologically, then they must discuss their stance on adoption or surrogacy. Or if they choose to not have any kids, then are they willing to look at permanent measures such as vasectomy.

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