Show restraint on announcements

Show restraint on announcements

At last the freebies announcement spells by all political parties has also made the T S BJP announce Rs 200 lacs debt waiver for farmers and laptops...

At last the freebies announcement spells by all political parties has also made the T S BJP announce Rs 2.00 lacs debt waiver for farmers and laptops to young, unemployment allowance to unemployed etc along with several other benefits to other categories of voters. On the other side we see an adamant BJP central govt of Delhi putting down the farmers ( soil masters ) protests for ' debt waivers ' firmly uncaring for their real" plights of making food for millions and preventing them from starvation ".

This shows to what extent the Indian politics is presently stooping down for political and selfish reasons irrespective of merits and demerits of the contesting candidates anywhere in any election for that matter. It is a wonder that no party knows what will be the outgo of funds in implementing all their announced schemes if implemented, and with limited resource revenue generation at their disposal. There is a statement by KTR the other day that metro rail will be added to service the Shamshabad airport.

I do not understand whether it is a necessary project involving crores of rupees of public funds and how many of the air travellers will really use metro rail is a question. Not even 5 % of air travellers use the metro as basically they are all the rich and make their own arrangements to go by private cabs or own cars. We cannot expect them and not seen them in Metro trains travelling with lower and middle class commuters foregoing their privacy.

By and large the metro is being utilised by lower class and the middle class etc and it is a wrong decision by KTR to announce the above measure and it is a colossal waste of money of tax-payers. It is high time that KTR desists from talking ' Hamara Hyderabad " and start saying ‘Apna Hyderabad '. - Katuru Durga Prasad Rao, Hyderabad

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