The election-campaign ended in Telangana and the people of Telangana exercised their franchise to elect  their  government to rule the state  for a  period  of  five years. Unlike the recent assembly elections held  in  different states of the  country, the poll-scenario in Telangana with the high-voltage election campaign organised by  the various political  parties revealed varied  trends and novel  strategies to hook  the  attention of  the voters and to  win a good  image for their respective political parties in  minds of  the electorate. 

Too  many politicos were in the fray. Too many road-shows and public-meetings were  held. Too many speeches ,showing oratorical skills of political leaders were  made. High-sounding, idealistic manifestos were unfolded. Too many accusations and counter-accusations were flying in the heated  air of election-campaign. Too many  verbal  battles of abuses and  counter-abuses political parties  waged  between each other. Too many press-meetings  were conducted. High-density of  publicity in print and electronic media was witnessed. 

But what flummoxed me  so  much is the manifestos of  the main political  parties and the tall promises our politicians made during  the  election-campaign, vying  with  each  other  to  lure  the voters. Hike  in pension-amount ,waiver of farm-loans, free-housing and many others  are  the common promises  that found  place in  the manifestos and speeches of the political leaders. All such  promises are categorized as welfare-measures which  are the perennial  vote-banks of the political parties. Whether  they are able to  fulfil those  promises  or  not is something  that is left to future. Our  economy  under the severe adverse impact of demonetization  and G.S.T. and massive financial frauds committed  by industrialists and politicians is  bleak as  confirmed repeatedly  by the eminent economists. 

If  our politicians in  power attempt  to fulfil  these almost impracticable,  tall  promises,  taking heavy  loans at  high  interest-rates  from   the  world monetary organisations  like  the  world Bank, our already  crippled  economy will further collapse, burdening  the  lives  of people with very heavy tax.. Welfare  measures are affordable and bearable to certain extent. But  welfare measures beyond  the  limit of our economy certainly wrecks the whole economy beyond redemption. Often, we  hear of allegations  that all  the welfare-measures do  not  reach the genuine poor, marginalized  sections of the society and  mostly cornered  and pocketed  by the party-workers.

Only  when  the economy of  the state and the country is  sound, the state and  country can make progress and people can lead  happy ,peaceful and prosperous lives. So our political  parties and our political leaders  ought  to  ponder seriously  over their tall, pompous, impracticable and uneconomical welfare measures, taking  into  consideration, the economy of the state  and the  country. That’s is  the  true patriotic  service they can render to  the state and  the country. Let  not our  states and  the country be entangled. in  debt-traps. - Dr Venugopala Rao Kaki, Kakinada

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