Why brouhaha over Talaq?

Why brouhaha over Talaq?

The Holy Quran is a guide to all human beings and is enough for all ages And according to Islam and the Prophets sayings, Talaq is one of the most...

The Holy Quran Holy Quran iis a guide to all human beings and is enough for all ages. And according to Islam and the Prophet’s sayings, Talaq is one of the most disliked act but only Islam tolerates it by making provisions for it under highly unfavourable conditions only as a last resort.

Propht Muhammed said that “of all the lawful things, divorce is the most hated by Allah.” Yes, divorce is once at a time, even if anyone says in anger: ‘I divorce you’ 15 times not just three, it still counts as one. This Quranic passage explains that the act of divorce has to happen on three separate occasions and most scholars say that a divorce in the heat of anger and the husband says ‘I divorce you’ it is not binding, there is a misunderstanding about the instant triple Talaq and is considered a bid'ah, it is explained better in Quran 2: 227-230.

Not only Muslim women, but all women in the nation irrespective of caste and creed, are suffering from different social evils like divorces, alcohol, dowry, sexual harassment and so on. If Prime Minister Narendra Modi is really worried about Muslim women, then why not he help Najeeb’s mother, Phelu Khan’s mother, Akhlaq’s daughter Sajida? If Modi is much bothered about women empowerment, why not he is asking justice for Jashodaben….?

The government is wasting time and energies of intellectuals by raising such issues like Triple Talaq. It should think that today no one is safe. Even a small girl is raped that too inside temples for many days, many people are being lynched in the broad daylight, how sad one girl was raped in a moving bus.

What happened to the government today while human masked animals are roaming on roads? It is the government’s responsibility to make them fear law and order and shall teach humanity how one shall live for another.

- Syed Ahmed Ali, Chintal, Warangal

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