Cannon fodder for media

Cannon fodder for media

What is so great about the entry of Priyanka in to politics, her reentry just adds a cosmetic touch to the already faded congress in UP This is a...

What is so great about the entry of Priyanka in to politics, her re-entry just adds a cosmetic touch to the already faded congress in UP. This is a desperate move by an isolated congress in UP, to use the only available last weapon in the armoury of first family. After all how can Priyanka face electorate of UP with albatross Robert Vadra around her neck? Her entry certainly gives enough fodder to the print and electronic media to sensationalise the issue.

- Rama Krishna M, Kakinada

A key event for sure

The inevitable has happened. Priyanka Gandhi Vadra has taken a plunge into the cesspool of politics in what could be a defining moment in the run -up to the general elections. For quite sometime before Rahul Gandhi’s entry into politics, the Congress had been pining openly for a particular Indira Gandhi look-alike to nurture the Nehru-Gandhi legacy. But Priyanka Gandhi Vadra resisted all pressure and quietly propped up her brother, and then deflected the calls for her to take over as Rahul Gandhi initially struggled to prove his mettle.

But then Priyanka 's sudden entry into active politics did not happen overnight. The Congress brass had been discussing a party position to mark her entry for quite a while, even though she has been known for more than a decade as the main campaigner for her mother and brother in the Gandhi pocket boroughs of Rae Bareli and Amethi.

Whether the Congress wins or loses the next election, and no matter how the “dynasty rule” debate pans out, the latest political entry by a Nehru-Gandhi-Vadra is a key event in Indian politics. Circumstances and her own performance will determine how the career of the political debutante unfolds, but for the moment her arrival has shaken up national politics.

- J Akshobhya, Secunderabad

Dynasty and democracy co-exist

Priyanka Gandhi’s formal entry in to politics is a master stroke that will give fillip to the party’s prospects in the coming elections. the news had made the opponents uneasy as can be seen from the somewhat crude response of PM Modi. Instead of displaying some gravitas he had raised the now familiar and worn out bogey of dynasty. Dynasty has no meaning in democracy. Nobody can be imposed as king because he or she belongs to a royal lineage. The so- called dynasty or name of family doesn’t ensure any guaranteed has to go through the grind of elections and prove one’s worth.

Otherwise one would be mercilessly thrown out. The party will give preference to those leaders who have the mass appeal, the way BJP is trying to woo cine-stars and other public figures though they are bereft of any political experience. Priyanka Gandhi is a well-known face with immense charisma and vote catching energy. She doesn’t deserve the derision of Modi on her entry. So far BJP had produced two PMs- Vajpayee and Modi. Neither has any immediate family. The former is married and the latter is separated.

That way Modi is not really qualified to comment about dynasty. The question would have arisen if he had a family and offspring. Priyanka Gandhi has as much right as anybody else to enter politics . In fact her background of having two martyrs in the family makes her all the more eligible and there lies nothing to sneer about. She has taken after her grandmother in looks and maybe she had inherited her grit as well. In that case, Modi has lot to worry about.

- Vinay Bhushan Bhagwaty, Hyderabad

Wrong choice by Congress

Priyanka Gandhi is again in politics now - appointed as General Secretary in charge of East UP polls for Congress Party. Earlier also, Priyanka Gandhi was given similar charge in UP. The real reason is that the Congress Sonia-Rahul has failed from every angle. The results of some success in recent assembly elections was due to anti-incumbency factor only. Nothing to rejoice or taken future guaranteed successes for Congress.

Now Nehru-Gandhi family is banking on Priyanka Gandhi Vadra with the hope that she will save not only the Congress party but also her brother Rahul from expected a dismal performance. Priyanka has no experience of politics but it seems she has inherited some political qualities from her grandmother late Indira Gandhi of combativeness. But now it is too late for her as damage is done by the party itself. Unfortunately for Congress the electorate no longer believes in dynastic rule.

The best for Priyanka Gandhi is to keep away from politics. Rightly there are hundreds of cases where younger generation is not following dynastic rules in business / professions of their fathers/ families. Even in politics there are such cases. Or might be under pressure from family she has decided not to be an exception from dynastic rule!

- Mahesh Kumar, New Delhi

Youthful appeal

This is with reference to the report 'Priyanka takes political plunge (January 24)'. Congress has done a wonderful job by appointing Priyanka Gandhi Vadra as a general secretary for Uttar Pradesh East. This appointment can give a sleepless night to the BJP and BSP-SP. Though she doesn't have political experience but she has charisma, good communication skills and popularity among the youth.

Actually Congress brings a surprise package of Priyanka Gandhi before the general elections and try to give a befitting reply to all political parties. Priyanka Gandhi has ability to galvanize more and more people specially youth. She looks the mirror image of Indira Gandhi. The time has come when political parties should review their political agenda to face young brigade of the Congress party in the coming Lok Sabha elections.

- Nisar Mehdi, Hyderabad

Congress prospects brighten

It is an indisputable fact that, the Indian National Congress, under the dynamic leadership of Rahul Gandhi , has emerged as an aggressive opposition party and a chief contender to serve the country in 2019 .

Earlier, the grand old party of India, for various wrong reasons, especially during 2014 to 2017, was on backfoot, and ceded the space to BJP and certain regional parties in several states. But today, the Congress is totally transformed in to a party that is willing to govern and reverse the anti-people policies of BJP, which is welcome in a democracy, as it certainly gives” an effective alternative” for the voters of India. It is this new transformation, aggression and energy that has galvanised the voters and blessed the INC, with a sterling victory in the semi-finals 2018, in the 3 states of Hindi heartland.

Now with the entry of charismatic Priyanka Gandhi Vadra, into the political arena, the prospects of “Indira Congress “, returning to power in 2019 have brightened and the Nation in all likelihood may witness a new “woman’s era”.

- Sharada Beri, Kurnool

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