Dynasty under democracy and peril of the nation

Dynasty under democracy and peril of the nation

The present turbulence in our country created by some of the opposition parties to scare the people and to make them lose their trust and hope in...

The present turbulence in our country created by some of the opposition parties to scare the people and to make them lose their trust and hope in democracy warrant a debate on how democracy is different from dynasty and how the later can affect the development agenda of the nation. Every conscious people of this country have started to understand how certain forces can touch new low to destroy the nation and certain institutions of high repute.

In democracy, the voice of every one are heard, respected and valued but in dynasty the only voice that is allowed is praise the dynast and speak and project the dynast as high as possible and equate the dynast next to God.

In democracy, merit and talents alone are respected and valued and that is how Modiji has come as Prime Minister of India but in dynasty, sycophants, yes-men and faithful servants alone are allowed to grow and people with merit are never accommodated in the party due to the fear that such people may revolt and challenge the dynast who in all means will be incompetent and inefficient. People with merit should not thrust on their merit instead they should praise the dynast if they want any position and power.

In democracy, kangaroo court is allowed to act like judge, jury and adjudicator and for them their suspicion is evidence, they allegation can be used as charge sheet and whatever the faithful servants of dynast say are final. All those leaders like Modiji elected by people must listen and dance to the tunes of the kangaroo court because that is how the dynast has defined the democracy. But in dynasty, no such kangaroo court is allowed and the word of the dynast is final.

In democracy, even small mistakes are amplified for political gain but in dynasty, the dynast would never make any mistake, never suffer any election defeat and even if the dynast fail to attract the voters and fail to win election, the blame shall goes to the opposition parties, faulty voting machine and other reasons including those in the own party and never the dynast is blamed because the dynast will never go wrong and will never loose.

In democracy, the lobby of the dynast is allowed to do whatever they feel like starting from abusing a bench in Supreme Court constituted by junior judges to the humble origin and caste of Modiji and all such excessive expressions are called as freedom of speech. But in dynasty no such freedom or speech or democracy is allowed.

Sycophants in the dynasty have absolute freedom only to praise the dynast and not to criticize and if they want to criticize, they must leave the dynast.

In democracy every thing and every one can be questioned but none of the actions of the dynast are to be questioned and the dynast alone has the birth right to rule the country and to do anything and everything.

The dynast without being a minister has the right to write to a union minister, ask for explanations etc., and also can tear the ordinance passed by the cabinet in public and such action must be praised, clapped and admired by everyone.

In democracy, any decision taken by the Modi government to curb black money and tax evasion such as demonetization, implementation of GST etc., can be questioned and mocked by dynast. That is democracy.

In democracy the party that opposes minority appeasement and speaks also for the majority is called communal but when the dynast openly appeases minority community and abuses majority community, the dynast is called secular.

In democracy, when the government acts against those terrorists who pose threat to our nation and work against the sovereignty and integrity of the nation is questioned if those culprits belongs to some minority community. Then the Government is blamed as anti-minority.

But if the dynast supports all those elements still the dynast is called as very humane and such actions of the dynast as wise and taken in the interest of the nation.

The question is do we need such dynast and do we need such democracy that allows all such nonsense of the dynast and its lobby in the name of democracy and freedom of speech?

People are sick are tired of the dirty politics of the dynast in the name of democracy and freedom of speech.

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