Con man takes advantage of failed Google pay transaction

Con man takes advantage of failed Google pay transaction

MANGALURU: A 29-year-old man, Kundan Kumar had lost  Rs 2.7 lakh as he had called to enquire about a failed transaction of RS 30,000 done through a mobile payment app. As he was conned by a con man who posed to be a customer care executive.

As Kundan wanted to transfer Rs 30,000 to his relatives in his native Bihar. For this, he chose to transfer the money via Google Pay, the giant internet service mobile app to make online payments. Though the money was deducted from his account, the transaction failed as his relatives did not receive the money, and the was not refunded to his account.

While taking the help of a customer care for solving the problem.  the search engine threw a number on his display, as he was surfing on the internet for the customer care number.

He then filed a complaint with the ‘customer care executive’, and he was told that he would be receiving a code on his phone, which he was meant to send across on another number that the executive would be providing. Kumar ended up sharing all his bank details on the new number with a hope of recovering Rs 30,000. The person on the other end assured him that the money will be refunded within 24 hours.

Unfortunately, Kumar woke up the next morning and found that Rs 2.7 lakh had been  transferred from his account through a UPI transaction.

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