Owaisi's communal competitiveness with RSS chief causes Ghar Wapasi slugfest

Owaisis communal competitiveness with RSS chief causes Ghar Wapasi slugfest

Owaisi\'s Communal Competitiveness with RSS chief causes Ghar Wapasi Slugfest. Lok Sabha MP and leader of the MIM party, Asaduddin Owaisi\'s statement \"Hai Koi Jo Paida Hota, woh Musalmaan paida hota.\"

Lok Sabha MP and leader of the MIM party, Asaduddin Owaisi's statement "Hai Koi Jo Paida Hota, woh Musalmaan paida hota." (Everyone is born a Muslim) has sparked widespread outrage. Owaisi further said that we cannot give you money for embracing Islam. Owaisi's remarks may have won him a few cheers and a round of applause at the venue, however his controversial comment has embarassed and angered a section of liberal Muslims.

This comes close on the heels of RSS Chief Bhagawat claiming All Indians are Hindus. One wonders if this is about competitive communalism. Owaisi has given a new twist to the Ghar Wapsi with the MIM leader saying if there needs to be Ghar Wapsi then everyone can come back to the fold of Islam! Interestingly, Owaisi had slammed the VHP's statement that every person is a Hindu. But Owaisi did a foot-in-mouth after he made a controversial statement himself.
Political analysts feel that his comment has tarnished the image of moderate Muslims. Owaisi takes refuge saying his statement is freedom of speech. He also rubbishes Mohan Bhagawat's statement saying only a Hindu can be a nationalist and other religious people are an internal threat to India's democracy. Owaisi told a TV channel that 'This was his belief and he respects others' right not to agree with him'.
BJP Spokesperson Sudhanshu Trivedi says: "There are two dimenstions to Owaisi's statement-Religious and Political. Only the Islamic clerics are competent to comment on the religious aspect of it. However, if we consider the political aspect, this is the age-old tried and tested formula to sharply polarise the Muslim community for votes."
MIM is going with the same lucrative established formula of the so-called secular parties, he adds.
When Miss India Sushmita Sen was asked during the Miss Universe Beauty Pagent what she meant by her statement "I come from a country where Love is the essence of Life," she said: "In a country like India where there are diverse religions and cultures, people co-exist peacefully which is certainly not easy." This won her the Miss World crown.
When Indians are known to be messengers of peace, the least our politicians can do is to refrain from making any provocative statements. It is one thing to talk about religion and another to instigate people or hurt religious sentiments of people.
Not just Owaisi, even Mohan Bhagawat's statement is highly condemnable. Indian Constitution says every person has the right to practise the religion of his choice. Thus nobody has the right to forcefully radicalise people or enforce upon them to follow a particular religion. Live and Let Live must be the motto.
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