Agonising confusion over bifurcation

Agonising confusion over bifurcation

Agonising Confusion Over Bifurcation. The editorial 'Endless uncertainty'(Feb 4) brings out the agonising confusion caused by the unending uncertainty...

The editorial "Endless uncertainty"(Feb 4) brings out the agonising confusion caused by the unending uncertainty of the Telangana issue with the justified appeal to the political parties and politicians to end this torturing, unnecessary uncertainty. What was in fact a socio-economic issue with regard to the Telangana region has been woefully transformed and snowballed into a major political issue with a war-like atmosphere being created in both regions of Andhra Pradesh, blocking the progress of the State. When the Telangana bill was rejected by voice vote in the state assembly it was celebrated as victory by Seemandhra leaders.

Quite surprisingly, if not intriguingly, on the other side of the battle-field, the army of Telangana politicians too celebrated victory. Which version of our politicians is going to be true? Who have to be believed? What is constitutional and what is unconstitutional in the whole procedure of the passing of Telangana bill in parliament? These are the questions teasing the minds of the people of both regions of the State. Congress seems to be bestowing utmost priority on the passage of Telangana bill in parliament. But BJP with the new realisation dawned over it about the injustice to be done to the Seemandhra region appears to be opposing the bill, setting certain conditions.

It seems that every politician has an axe to grind in the burning fire of the Telangana issue stroked by them. With an eye set on the forth-coming assembly and parliamentary elections. They have all indulged shamelessly in political games for petty political gains, not bothering about the welfare of the people. The question still popping before every sensible citizen is, "Who are asking for the bifurcation of the state?” No, people never did it. What they want is livelihood, shelter, clothing, peace, progress and nothing else. Then, who else long to have the state divided? Certainly, it is the politicians.

Hankering after power and obsessed with the urge to wield power and to amass wealth, politicians nurture the sick ambition of getting the state divided to claim their respective divided regions. Of course, there are crooked politicians who are greedy enough to retain power in their hands and perpetuate their rule. When the people of both regions are not opting for the division of the state, what is the necessity and urgency of passing Telangana bill in parliament? In the policies, ordinances of the Government and even in the bills such as Telangana bill, "vox populi" should reflect. But what is happening in the whole process of Telangana bill goes against the time-honoured norms of Indian democracy, striking at the root of the federal structure of the Constitution. Unfortunately, on the altar of greed of a few power-hungry

Politicians, the glorious culture and heritage, peace and progress of the state are being sacrificed. Will our politicians get their conscience awakened through their introspection to save Andhra Pradesh from this political uncertainty and set back once again the state on the path of progress in an atmosphere of political stability, peace and harmony? May all Telugu people in the state live in harmony and peace like the members of one family and proclaim proudly that, "We are all Telugu people with one glorious culture and heritage and none can dare to divide our lasting bond of unity.”

(The writer is retired lecturer in English and can be reached at

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